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Useful Questions for Resisting Consumerism

Posted by libhom Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm partly putting this on my blog for my own convenience, but I suspect that some other people might find it interesting or helpful. With mass media trying to get us all addicted to consumption, training oneself to ask questions before consuming is a good habit, from both a financial and an environmental perspective. Like most atheists in this society, I became liberated from religion by questioning an ideology. Transferring that skill to another harmful ideology is only natural.

New Stuff

1) Do I need or really want it?

2) Can I grow it?

3) Can I get it local?

4) Can I buy it used?

5) Can I buy it recycled without extra driving?

6) Can I get it organic?

7) Can I get it fair trade?

8) Is there an unrelated emotional reason for wanting it?

9) Is there a less expensive alternative?

10) Will obtaining this be worth not having the money later?

11) Is there a version of it with less packaging?

12) Can I find an alternative made in the USA?

Old Stuff

1) Can I fix it?

2) Can I give it away?

3) Can I recycle it?

4) Can I repurpose it?

Energy Using Stuff:

1) Does it need to be on?

2) Does it still need to be on?

3) Would it be too much of a hassle to unplug it?

4) Is there a lower energy way of doing it?

1 Responses to Useful Questions for Resisting Consumerism

  1. Brad Says:
  2. Good list. It's a sad fact that many people live our their lives as simply mindless consumers, responding to the best of their financial ability to the marketing that they see on TV.

    The more people who become aware of this, and shop according to the guidelines you just posted, the more people we will have who understand what's really important in life. Plus, the decline in needless spending may bring about a crisis of capitalism, which will allow us to use it to help transform society into a more just, democratic, and egalitarian one.



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