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Posted by libhom Tuesday, February 08, 2000

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  1. Anachro1 Says:
  2. Could it be that we have all along we have been misunderstanding the TRUE purpose of religion? Maybe child sexual abuse was such an original and natural facet of early christianity, that it is perpetuated simply because child rape was normal back then.

    This has to be the only reason they move their offending priests around like strategically placed chess pieces. Fuck a few children, then move the priests to another neighborhood, so they can fuck a few more.

    This is the only reason I can think of why priests appear to ADORE raping children. Sort of a little 'treat' or or morsel of flesh they can still allow themselves to indulge in?

    Was Jesus Himself a child molester? Or perhaps he never existed, but became the mascot/straw man/cover-up for their crimes?

    I realize my premise may sound offensive to some, but this seems to be the only reason the church keeps consistently supporting AND covering up these, by now, thousands of priests, who have been implicated over the past 50 or so years.

    Was child rape the norm in then time of christ? We already know how much the old testament devalued women and children.

    Seeing how the bible openly admits, in fact, approves of whoring your daughters off to houseguests & such, and slavery was the norm of the day, it would make sense that back then there would have been no boundaries on little boys either. Bought and sold like chattle.

    Maybe one of the unspoken of (nowadays) traditions back then was that priests preferred young boys, and they have been simply keeping this one tradition alive ever since. That would explain the church's consistent reluctance to finally address this one issue. Maybe with no access to little boys, the church would simply dissolve for lack of clergy?

    AND no more money as well?

    At what point does the church STOP shielding these criminals, or are they hoping to silently approve of their actions forever?



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