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Gannongate Still Matters

Posted by libhom Saturday, May 14, 2005

One indication of how pervasive the right-wing bias is in corporate-owned media can be found in the burying of Gannongate. Let’s review the situation.

- A man posing as a reporter gained access to the White House on numerous occasions under an inaccurate name.

- The organization he worked for was a front for the Texas GOP.

- This person was given preferential treatment at Bush’s press conferences in return for softball questions which primarily served to glorify Bush and vilify the opposition party rather than obtaining information for the public about the Bush regime and its policies.

- There are allegations that Guckert/Gannon received classified information about the identity of a CIA agent whose husband offended the Bush regime.

- There is no indication that a proper vetting was done on Gannon before giving him access inside the White House, a serious security breach.

- The Gannongate scandal happened at the same general time that the Bush Administration got caught paying off fundamentalist propagandists Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher with government funds.

If something like this happened during a Democratic administration, every major news outlet would flog the story to death. Republicans would start impeachment proceedings, and they would be quite correct in doing so.

Gannon seems to be starting a pity campaign to get queers to ignore the story. But, it’s tough for me to have any sympathy for him when he has been completely disloyal to the lgbt community. Gannon has propagandized for Bush, a fanatical and dangerous homophobe and has been active in the homo-hating Free Republic crowd. He actually attacked a politician for being pro-gay (in this case John Kerry). Loyalty is a two-way street, something Gannon/Guckert/whatever has yet to realize.

The irony is that only sheer laziness by the Bush regime allowed Gannon to become the high profile player he temporarily became. If they knew he was queer, much less involved in porno/prostitution Web sites, the wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near Bush’s press conferences.

Alternet has an excellent article on the subject by Michael Dietz, “Becoming Jeff Gannon”

Democrats.com is calling for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the scandal.



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