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Bloomberg More Like Bush Every Day

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 07, 2005

Michael Bloomberg is often described as a “nominal Republican” by corporate media trying to convince those of us who live here to vote for him. Bloomberg often tries to cultivate a moderate image, but his actions tell otherwise. The Mayor’s campaign’s use of the Republican code-phrase “flip-flopper” in recent campaign propaganda shows that the GOP has a monolithic propaganda machine, one which Bloomberg fully endorses and participates in.

Bloomberg may occasionally serve up pro-gay rhetoric, but he has been viciously homophobic in his actions. He has fought legislation in court that would make the city do business with companies ethical enough to have domestic partnership benefits. Far worse, he first vetoed legislation that prevents school bullies from harassing and assaulting queer youth in the public schools. When the City Council overrode his veto, Bloomberg demonstrated what a fanatical bigot he is by refusing to follow the law. Adding homophobic insult to homophobic injury, Bloomberg still refuses to grant permits for counter-protests for people opposed to the homophobic hate-march masquerading itself as a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Bloomberg’s budget priorities have been pure Bush. It’s been all about tax breaks for the wealthy and enormous subsidies for corporations. We have seen this with hugely subsidized stadium deals, subsidies that will cut city services and raise fares for people on subways and busses. When a rail link was reestablished between Staten Island and Manhattan, Bloomberg and Pataki chose freight rail over passenger rail, demonstrating their contempt for middle class New Yorkers. Only corporate interests matter to them.

Bloomberg’s response to the London bombings was pure Bush/Rove. When local Democrats turned up the heat on the Bush regime to get more funding for public transport security, Bloomberg set up a distraction with his random and seldom searches of riders’ bags. Everyone knows this has nothing to do with protecting passengers and everything to do with attacking American freedoms, what Bush and Rove want the most. Of course, Bloomberg previously has attacked our constitutional freedoms on multiple occasions, the most famously when he illegally denied permits for anti-GOP protests in Central Park.

Bloomberg is the worst kind of Bush/Rove/Cheney Republican, yet he feels compelled to pretend otherwise to win in NYC. Let’s hope the voters aren’t fooled this time by the tens of millions of propaganda dollars he is spending to deceive people about his actions and intentions.



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