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Tell Rep. Jean Schmidt to Resign

Posted by libhom Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Republicans are always babbling on about how they supposedly support our troops. In defending herself after being criticized for her unpatriotic comments on the House floor, Jean Schmidt claimed that she supports our troops, though no one who genuinely supports our servicemembers wants them to die for corrupt Bush Regime cronies like Halliburton, Big Oil, and the Religious Right.

Schmidt's supposed support for the military already was on shaky ground. Now, we have learned that she lied about what one Marine said in order to make a false accusation against another Marine that is serving in Congress. This person just is not fit to hold public office. Tell Schmidt to resign in disgrace and stop betraying our troops and our country.

Jean Schmidt’s Contact Information

Washington, D.C. Office
(202) 225-3164

Cincinnati Office
Fax: 513-791-1696

Portsmouth Office

Campaign Office
Phone: (513) 575-0840
Fax: (513) 575-1201
Joe Braun, Campaign Manager (Joe@JeanSchmidt.com)



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