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Wave of Islamic Terrorism Over Cartoons

Posted by libhom Monday, February 06, 2006

The current wave of Muslim fundamentalist insanity is becoming a source of international terrorism. A Danish lawyer was shot in Russia by an Islamic terrorist. Terrorist mobs have attacked Danish and other European embassies.

If Muslims are offended by Islam being equated with terrorism in the cartoons, you would think that there wouldn't be so many Muslims trying to prove the cartoons right.

Australian commentator Tim Blair has taken the courageous step of republishing the cartoons on his blog as have newspapers in many European countries, Israel, and in New Zealand. I hope that more people on the left stand up for freedom and secular values. People like George W. Bush would like nothing more than to see the left give in to the notion that critiques and satire of religion are forbidden. Freedom of expression always must come before religious extremism.

It's funny how George W. Bush and Tony Blair talk tough about terrorism when they want to justify an illegal war in Iraq, but they refuse to stand up to these terrorist threats and publish the cartoons on the web sites of their respective governments.



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