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Pictures That Say a Lot About the War in Lebanon

Posted by libhom Thursday, August 03, 2006

A posting on Liberal Serving references New York Times photos that are amazingly disturbing. I'm still trying to figure out why these photos make such a powerful statement on the destruction of Lebanon by Isreal's out-of-control war machine.

Maybe I have become desensitized by typical war coverage. I would like to believe that is not the case.


  1. PurpleThink Says:
  2. You have been suckered.


  3. libhom Says:
  4. You are mixing up photos. The photos I was refering to have nothing to do with the ones in the blog you reference.

  5. PurpleThink Says:
  6. The point is that you are allowing images shared out of context to inflame your already intrenched beliefs -- that's all

  7. libhom Says:
  8. If the devastating attacks on Lebanese civilian targets don't bother you, then you need to try to identify with Arabs as human beings.

  9. PurpleThink Says:
  10. Civilian targets????




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