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Let's face it. Ann Coulter is hideous. Her hair looks like an oversized mop from a Barbie doll. Her limbs protrude outward in a way that reminds one of the legs of a deformed spider. Her facial features are similar to those of Osama bin Laden.

Ann Coutler Pics

Osama bin Laden pics

A question that might naturally pop into your mind is:

“So what?”

After all, corporate media pundits tend to be mirror breakers, regardless of gender or political persuasion. Why should the Queen of Mean be any different? The answer to why anyone should find her frightful appearance even remotely interesting lies in her status as a sex symbol among some rightist wingnuts.

4) She is also very pretty, sexy, and aggressive which attracts even more attention because, when combined with her intelligence, it makes for a very unusual and interesting combination.

She's pretty, tall, sexy, brilliant (that's Coulter, not Sheehan) and certainly sassy.

I dont know how many of you watch Bill O'reilly, ya he's a little strong on the republican side, but hey, he's got a good show. He had on Ann Coulter, and I hadnt really seen pictures of her just heard of her, but damn. I mean...WoW, She's good looking, she knows what she's talking about, and she supports what our country is doing. I couldnt ask for much more.

However, if Ann Coulter, the sexy Queen of Conservative Mean, has one achilles heel, it's her propensity for overstated hyperbole.

The interesting thing about this is that they are being shallow, but not in the usual looks-matter-more-than-anything way that is typical for men. Her right-wing groupie-wannabes are turned on more by one silly criterion than any other:

They get woodies over being told what they want to hear from women.

So, if you are a heterosexual woman who actually wants to talk dirty to a Republican hetero boy, here's an example of how to go about it.

You're just so big.
George Bush is the best president ever.
You are so hot.
Cindy Sheehan is an Islamofascist.
I love strong men like you.
Liberals are godless traitors.
It's OK that it only lasted 47 seconds. I need to do my nails.

Thanks, Coulter-lusters! You have given us all an insight into the Republican mind.



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