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Let's face it. There are no legitimate reasons for an honest person to continue supporting the war and occupation in Iraq. It was obvious even in 2004 that the Bush regime had already lost the war from a military standpoint. Everyone now knows that the Bush regime defrauded Congress and the American people in order to get into the war. Many of us knew this before the war even started. Even the Bush regime has admitted, in its National Intelligence Estimate, that this war is helping al Qaeda's terrorist recruitment and training. The presence of a foreign, occupying troops is increasing the violence while doing nothing to even slow down the civil war. Invading and occupying a foreign country which posed no threat to America in order to make some CEO's and wealthy investors even richer goes against every value this nation was founded on.

The real reason that any politicians continue to support the war is simple: blatant political corruption. War-supporting elected officials are in the campaign-contribution pockets of Big Oil, Halliburton, Blackwater, and other war profiteers. If we had public financing of elections, this war never would have happened in the first place.

Clearly, integrity is meaningless to politicians that continue to support the war. The only thing that will change their behavior is the realization that they will lose their offices if they continue to vote for this illegal, senseless, and genocidal war. It is past time to cut off all money and votes to any politician who sells his or her political office to the highest bidders rather than taking the honorable and patriotic course of voting to cut off all money for Bush's evil war in Iraq.



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