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Edwards Is Not Being Hypocritical About Poverty

Posted by libhom Saturday, July 21, 2007

There is constant repetition in the corporate media of the claim that John Edwards' wealth makes it hypocritical for him to make poverty an issue in his campaign. That is senseless. Their is no "hypocrisy" in wealthy people being concerned about the less fortunate.

Empathy is not hypocrisy.

Edwards is not my first choice for the Democratic nomination. He isn't as strong in his position against the Iraq war as he should be, and his healthcare plan will not help middle class and poor Americans nearly as much as single-payer. But, that does not mean that I, or anyone else, should blindly accept ridiculous spin that undermines efforts to fight poverty.


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Our lovely Corporate MSM hates Edwards. They see him as a turncoat..I mean..what rich man in his right mind champions the needs of poor?

    So much for fair and equal coverage of the issues eh?

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. You're right, it doesn't matter if Edwards is worth billions, millions, hundreds or nothing. He refuses to remain silent on an issue that is going to have long-term negative effects on this country - the outlandishly wide moat between the rich and the rest of the world. And between those making it and those who just can't get a foothold.

    Anyone willing to bring the problem to the forefront deserves an ear and audience - not an attack.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. You are correct, Edwards is not being hypocritical about poverty. A rich person standing up for the poor is an admirable and honorable thing to do.

    And I would hope more people would get behind Edwards. According to the polling data he is the only candidate who can beat every single Republican in the race.

    I met him last night as well in Baton Rouge. He was fantastic and got a very good reception. I am voting for him like I voted for him last time.



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