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Congress is pandering to the Religious Right by trying to increase funding for “abstinence only” scams, which distort sex education and have the effect of promoting the spread of HIV and promoting teen pregnancies. Funding for these efforts by militant, Christian fundamentalists should be cut off, not expanded.

From an American Humanist Association Action Alert email:

Send a letter to your Representative telling her or him to vote no on a bill that would actually increase funding for abstinence-only sexuality education programs in public schools. Despite the fact that these programs are ineffective, medically inaccurate and often theologically based, the House Appropriations Committee voted last week to continue them and even boost their funding! This matter is expected to reach House floor this week: Wednesday July 18 or Thursday July 19.

So the time to act is now!

Let's clear the way for a real solution. The best way to protect kids from engaging in risky sexual behavior is to provide a comprehensive and medically accurate program that enables them to make smart decisions.

Contact Your Representatives!

1 Responses to Support the American Humanist Association's Campaign Against "Abstinence Only" Scams

  1. WeezieLou Says:
  2. what f*ing idiots!!! we are NOT going back to thetzar closet!!



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