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The Christian Taliban Is Still Warning Us About May 21, 2011

Posted by libhom Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yes, I know. You are shocked, yes shocked, that the world didn't come to an end yesterday evening. Imagine a fundamentalist preacher being completely full of shit. Who would have thought?

Anyway, the militant, anti American fundamentalists at the deceptively labeled "Family Radio" may believe in lots of things. Updating websites is not one of them.

I just checked, and their zany website is still warning us about May 21, 2011.

However, there is one thing that might be worthwhile on the page. They have an image of "2012" with the no symbol around it. After all the obnoxious campaign ads we will be inundated with that year, I bet people will be making similar graphics for entirely different reasons.

Happy May 22, 2011!



  1. Thomas Says:
  2. I've said it a hundred times today.

    The rapture actually happened yesterday and absolutely no one made the cut.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. For some, like the Millerists, the world actually ended in October 22, 1844 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millerism). Oddly, doesn't seem much of a popular sect of religion these days.

  5. Bobby Says:
  6. Family Radio is not truly Christian. True Christians preach compassion, unconditional love from God, and the Golden Rule. Harold Camping does not. I think he was more interested in $$$ than anything else.

  7. Ahab Says:
  8. I'm stunned that Camping has predicted the Rapture, AGAIN, for October. These end-of-the-world predictions are getting old.



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