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Some of the Venomous Homophobes AT&T Has Given Money To

Posted by libhom Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As many of you already know, AT&T gave money to the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, a viciously heterosexist organization which has fought to block local LGBT rights laws in that state. Garden State Equality has withdrawn an award they gave to AT&T in response. (I would love to know why they gave an award to a homophobic corporation like AT&T in the first place, but that's another story.)

AT&T has a history of giving money to heterosexist politicians as well. Here are some of the bigots that have received money from AT&T.

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Sen. Robert Bennett

Rep. John Boehner

Rep. Roy Blunt

Rep. Eric Cantor

Rep. Darrell Issa

Sen. John "Keating Five" McCain

Sen. Rand Paul

Sen. Pat Toomey

It's sickening that GLAAD would even take AT&T's homophobic money, much less allow themselves to be bought and doing lobbying for AT&T against queer content and especially queer activist content on the Internet. The depths to which GLAAD has sunk are sickening.



  1. Wow! i had no idea. What the hell happened to GLAAD?

  2. Ahab Says:
  3. Aye aye aye. Has AT&T ever expressed regret for these donations?

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. Hi libhom


    You are such a wealth of information. I come here when I want to know what's really going on from a leftist side.



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