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Homophobia on The Randi Rhodes Show

Posted by libhom Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I used to listen to that show, but, as of today, I’m tuning out for good. She keeps going on these homophobic tirades where she attacks random Bush regime and other GOP officials for supposedly being gay. Using claims of homosexuality as a smear tactic is vintage Karl Rove behavior.

This goes to show how far the queer community hasn’t come in the Democratic Party and among some on the left. We still are targets for bigotry and derision. And, make no mistake, when someone like Randi Rhodes uses phony homosexuality as something bad to smear political opponents, she is attacking all of us who really are queer.

Of course, Ms. Rhodes isn’t the only partisan Democrat who sees claims about sexual orientation as tactics to try to undermine their political opponents. It is becoming more and more common on message posts by “liberals” and on “progressive talk radio.” It’s really pissing me off.

Now, there is an important distinction between outing homophobic queers to expose hypocrisy and to use homosexuality itself as something bad to demonize people one dislikes. The problems with homophobic closet cases are their disloyalty to other queers and their hypocrisy, not their homosexuality. However, you won’t hear these kind of distinctions during Rhodes’ homophobic tirades.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to be outraged at Bush and his cronies. But, taking it out on the queer community is a bunch of Bushshit.

This shows why WBAI is so important. They support queers rather than going on homophobic rants.



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