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Why the Troops May Be Coming Home Soon

Posted by libhom Friday, October 14, 2005

It’s no secret that the Bush regime and their cronies want to keep our troops in Iraq forever. They want to control Iraq’s oil, to drive up oil prices (and therefore oil company stock prices), to abuse and kill Muslims, and to send billions to crony contractors such as Halliburton.

However, there is a blowback for corporate interests not feeding directly from the Bush trough. A recent AP story discussed how the war in Iraq is creating anti-Americanism throughout the world, which is costing high-profile American corporations sales and may have similar consequences for small businesses in the near future.

The Iraq trough just isn’t big enough to feed every company in this country. Eventually, corporations hurt by the war will have no choice but to pressure the Bush regime and the GOP to stop this nonsense.

The anti-war movement has laid the political groundwork for withdrawal of American troops from a war that Bush already has lost. When the money people realize that they are getting reduced returns on their investments, the war will be set aside for the cause of profit.



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