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“We Should Profile the Muslims”

Posted by libhom Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This is a rallying cry of so many Republicans posting on Internet message boards. Setting aside enormous ethical considerations, there is an obvious practical problem with this. Muslims belong to all racial and ethnic groups. Most Muslims are not even from the Middle East. There just is not any possible way to profile for Muslims.

The stupidity and ignorance of the political base of the Republican Party is astonishing and dangerous. Remember, that party controls both houses of Congress and illegally occupies the White House.

1 Responses to “We Should Profile the Muslims”

  1. PurpleThink Says:
  2. Tom -- this will be my last message on your board unless you invite me back. You have been cordial and very patient in your explanations of your views. I've enjoyed it very much, and don't wish to overstay my welcome.

    I am no "fan" of the Democrats or Republicans -- I feel there is good and bad in both parties.

    You may wish to think about your animus. Your thoughts regarding profiling are spot on and well articulated. You then go on to talk about "illegally" being in the White House and lose all your credibility among those that might otherwise be your ally.

    Just a thought -- you know what free advice is worth. Best of luck in your blogging and anything else you do...



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