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Conservatives Owe Liberals an Apology on Iraq

Posted by libhom Saturday, September 02, 2006

Everything we said about the war beforehand has turned out to be true.

  • Iraq had nothing to do with 911.

  • Iraq had no WMDs at the time of the invasion and had none in the months before the war.

  • The war turned out to be a hopeless quagmire.

  • The war has aided and abetted Al Qaeda's terrorist recruitment efforts.

  • The war has generated global hatred of the US, not just in Muslim countries.

  • The war has ballooned our budget deficits, giving China more control over our economy.

  • The war has diverted efforts that could have led to the capture of Osama bin Laden and the rest of Al Qeada in Afganistan.

  • We are waiting.


    1. Thierrion Says:
    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
    3. Anonymous Says:
    4. Damn straight they owe us an apology. Before we ran our asses into the Iraqi ground, I was asking anyone who would listen, "How the hell can we go to war based on a fraudulent document?" I knew it before the war. And, if I knew it, sure as shit, those dirtbag insane bushniks also knew it.

      But, we'll never get an apology, unfortunately. Instead, we get the Disney junk film. They are remaining right in character with who they have always been: unapologetic, lying, self-serving, and deranged people.

      We just have to keep up the good fight, and let the historical record speak for itself (assuming the GOP cockroaches don't rewrite history, which of course they try to do every goddamm day).

      By the way, nice blog.

      Blogger beta won't let me post as a "blogger"



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