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There are two ways that the media need to connect the dots in the Republican Page Scandal. The first is obvious. Foley is hardly the only predator of children in the GOP. Pedophilia is rampant among Republican politicians, activists, and prominent Christian Right supporters. Reporters should do the real reporting on GOP pedophilia, rather than inaccurately treating the latest scandal as in isolated incident.

But, there are somewhat less obvious ways that the media should connect the dots on the GOP. The failures in this scandal are directly related to broader failings in the Republican Party. Here are some of these connections.

A party that did not respond appropriately to Hurricane Katrina refused to respond accordingly to its own prominent sexual predators.

A party that has repeatedly lied to us about Iraq had no problem lying about a pedophilia investigation.

A party that legislated torture had no moral problem with torturing little kids sexually.

A party that illegally suspended Habeas Corpus had no problem committing obstruction of justice.

A party that often commits massive election fraud had no problem protecting a pedophile to save a House seat and get money from a PAC.

A party that condones illegal spying on Americans and then legislates it has no problem with other extreme violations of peoples' rights.



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