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“Miracle-Gro” CEO Attacks the Queer Community

Posted by libhom Monday, October 23, 2006

James Hagedorn, CEO of Scott's Miracle-Gro, is pushing hard for a homophobic hate-group, the Republican Party. At a recent GOP fundraiser, Hagedorn said:

"It may be unpalatable to push the button or pull the lever for a Republican this year, but the choice is not to flush the party of business down the toilet," Hagedorn told about 50 fellow businessmen and (Republican Rep. Deb) Pryce at the breakfast. "As bad as the Republican Party has gotten itself, what's the choice?"

It would be shameful under any circumstances for Hagedorn to support a viciously homophobic organization like the GOP under any circumstances. To support such a hate-group when it also is in political trouble for massive corruption adds insult to injury.

The Republican he was raising funds for, Pryce, has engaged in viciously homophobic spin derived from the Christian Right. After her opponent ran an ad criticizing Pryce and the GOP leadership for protecting Mark Foley, Pryce accused her opponent of “gay baiting.”

This was a reprehensible use of the Christian Right's talking point, that Foley is in trouble for being gay, not for sexually harassing minor employees. It is a devious effort by Pryce to equate homosexuality with pedophilia and sexual abuse. It is hardly new for Republicans like Pryce to smear us by associating us with child rapists, but it still is just as morally repugnant when it happens.

I refuse to buy any more Miracle-Gro products until the company has another CEO. By supporting the GOP, Hagedorn is endangering me in terms of possible physical assault or loss of employment. The fact that he is raising money for a particularly despicable homophobe like Pryce only makes things worse.

You can express your outrage at Hagedorn's behavior by filling out the online form at:




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