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Call on Congreess to Increase Fuel Efficiency Standards

Posted by libhom Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Congress.org has a form you can use to support increased fuel efficiency standards.

The Senate is working on an energy bill which may include raising Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to a minimum of 36 mpg for passenger cars by 2025 and 30 mpg for light trucks by 2022.

America's automakers are terribly managed. If they knew what they were doing, they already would be making more fuel efficient cars. But, the stupidity of management is costing far too many workers their jobs. Raising CAFE standards is an important step in protecting American jobs.

Of course, Global Warming poses an even greater threat to our economy than bad car company management. We need to take strong action now to protect our planet.

Then, there is the issue of fighting terrorism. Most terrorism is funded, directly or indirectly, with oil money. The less oil our country consumes, the less money gets in the hands of terrorists.

Another critical issue is the trade deficit. Raising CAFE standards will cut the amount of foreign oil we buy and result in more sales of US cars. It is an economic win-win.

Please ask your Senators to support even stronger CAFE standards than those currently being proposed.

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  1. Brad Says:
  2. I'm so embarrassed that a Democrat from my own state is standing in the way of this. Freaking Boucher. But at least he's not Cantor.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. Keep up the pressure. Maybe he'll crack.

  5. Chuck Says:
  6. Glad to see you're discussing the current energy bill debate and wanted to let you know about the alternative that enacts meaningful increases in CAFE standards, the Pryor-Bond-Levin-Voinovich amendment. This is an issue of great importance to everyone, including the group I'm working with, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

    The amendment is a bipartisan approach to improve vehicle fuel economy and protect the environment that for the first time ever brings together Democrats and Republicans, labor and management, and foreign and domestic manufacturers. Auto manufacturers are committed to meeting the tough challenges of the amendment.

    This requires a mandatory 30 percent ramp up of fuel economy standards to at least 36 mpg for cars by 2022 and at least 30 mpg for trucks by 2025.

    It authorizes increased funding for research, development and demonstration in the areas of advanced batteries, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, clean diesel, diesel hybrids, and flex fuel hybrid technologies, hydrogen storage and fuel cell membranes; as well as cellulosic-based ethanol, and other biofuels, such as biodiesel, to replace conventional diesel fuel.

    Additionally, the amendment seeks to make alternative fuels more available to consumers by prohibitsinganti-competitive barriers that limit the ability of service station retailers to sell biofuels such as E85.

    If you want more information on the amendment, you can check out site at www.drivecongress.com


  7. libhom Says:
  8. One important point, keeping out any restrictions on the Global Warming policies of states like California must be left out.

  9. Brad Says:
  10. Those miserable fuckers don't listen to anyone unless they're in their district. Even on such issues, where their votes affects all.



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