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Hat tips to From the Left for pointing this out and to Firedog Lake for having the guts to expose the evil that Ms. Clinton's campaign has promoted and tried to legitimize.

I was reluctant to even include this video, but it is important to expose and challenge the fanatical racism of the Clintons and their minions. An ironic aspect of this is that some women, like this white supremacist, would vote for John McCain, someone who would appoint misogynist judges to the Supreme Court, instead of Barack Obama, who is stronger on choice than Clinton.

Racism makes people incredibly stupid.

Update: I have realized that people really should call the Clinton campaign and demand that she denounce Harriet Christian's comments. The number for Clinton's national campaign headquarters is:




  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hey, thanks for posting the youtube video of Harriet Christian. When I made the post you left your comment on, I had thought she was just displeased with how the Democrats were handling the Florida delegates. I've since updated it to reflect my realization that the comments she made were racist.

    Just to warn you, if you check in the next hour or so, the update might not have shown up yet. My server is under a heavy load so we run a cache program to help keep up with demand. Takes a while for updates to appear.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. This racist hag needs to shut the fuck up and get her ass back to her job as a Klan seemstress.

    What a witch.

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. Ok, Christopher. I know how much you despise HRC from reading your comments over at Fran's. She is dispicable, I agree, but I also abhor hatred and the sexism many of your comments reflect. If you're going to criticize her, could you do not do so at the expense of women in general? It is quite offensive.

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Okay, where was I? Back to the video.
    Thanks, libhom.

  9. Christopher Says:
  10. Pagan Sphinx,

    Yes, the Shillaryshere is full of paleo-feminists like you who got sucked into the "if you oppose Hillary, you hate women" bullshit.

    It's tired and silly and one of the myriad of reasons Hillary is getting her ass handed to her.

    But that's OK by me. I hear McCain can use a few million unhappy Hillary supporters.

  11. Robert Rouse Says:
  12. Hillary is going to have to rein in her supporters or face the wrath of the party. No chairmanships or leadership positions. She has to stop it or she's committing further political suicide.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. Every candidate has crazy supporters, some they know personally and some average folks who they've never heard of.

    Yes, this woman is a little off the rails, and that's enough reason not to consider her representative of Hillary supporters. Just as I wouldn't consider Jeremiah Wright and Father Pfleger representative of Obama supporters.

  15. Unknown Says:
  16. I am not a HRC supporter, for christ's sake! For perhaps, even, for some of the same reasons as you.

    I don't think that criticisms of her wardrobe choices or calling her a hag are intelligent ways to discuss her campaign. Calling her a hag amounts to a sexist slur.

    Do you see the comment above regarding posts here???

  17. libhom Says:
  18. Pagan Sphinx is making some excellent points. The level of outrage at the Clinton campaign reminds me of the anger on the left towards the Bush regime. Both are perfectly legitimate. The problem I see is the way that righteous anger is being expressed.

    When I get some time, I really need to post on dealing with female politicians who act like the most reprehensible male politicians. In the meantime, please find gender neutral ways of expressing your frustrations.

  19. Chandira Says:
  20. Gender neutral expression coming up! ;-)
    Hillary ain't getting it right, and that's a fact which I hope will be reflected by the end of today. Regardless, I hope the Democrats get the person elected that has the cojones to get these f*ing republicans out.. That's frankly my biggest concern, racism and sexism aside.
    I love Obama, myself, but whoever gets the job done, frankly.
    We can get lost in the smaller issues when the big issues pass us by.

  21. B2 Says:
  22. Hillary just has left a bad taste in my mouth. I just can't see her on the ticket, and I hope not to hear from her again -- I just don't think she has the best interests of the party in mind, and not denouncing this Harriet is just part of it.

  23. Obob Says:
  24. I'm interested if Michigan or Florida democrats switch. Many seats in the 06 midterms were by a few hundred votes and that could be the difference. We'll take the angry Hillary voters, they are more than welcome to place their for vote for McCain.
    In order to prevent this, you Obama supporters need to extend a very polite olive branch to bring them back to the fold. And this needs to be done on the grassroots level not a national ad campaign.

  25. Unknown Says:
  26. I'm an Obama supporter and I have been polite all along. Still, I see value in what you're suggesting, bob.

  27. I have never liked Hillary and believe me it has nothing to do with her being a woman as I am one myself.I just think she will bring all her and Bill's baggage up front. I like Obama because he is idealistic and refreshing and I hope he will bring a new refreshing political discourse to Washington. I also don't appreciate her behavior during the campaign and her lack if graciousness in immesdiately not supporting Obama.

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. As I watched this video, I couldn't help but picture Harriet Christian as some poor child's grandmother, yelling at them for being in the living room, messing up the slip covers, and telling them to turn that TV down!
    I don't think she is representative of all Hillary supporters, just the more Clintonatonic who identified with being just like her when the fact of the matter is two couldn't be more polar opposite.

    Go Obama!

  30. libhom Says:
  31. I see Harriet Christian as being representative of far too many of Clinton's hard core of supporters, though not representative of the majority of people who voted for her. What disturbs me is that the way Clinton conducted her campaign created social space for the Harriet Christians of the world to hate on the basis of race and act on that hatred.

    When a "Democrat" uses the GOP's Southern strategy, it can create a bipartisan consensus that people must be 100% white in order to be fully acceptable and equal in our society. That is part of why I thought it was so important for Clinton to lose.



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