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Two Examples of Being the Media

Posted by libhom Saturday, June 21, 2008

A lot of media activists talk advise people to "be the media." Here are two examples.

Robert Rouse does a lot of interesting videos that he posts on YouTube. Many are grassroots interviews. In a previous blog posting, I embedded an excellent interview Rouse did with a Burmese pro-democracy activist.

Here is one of several videos from a Fort Wayne For Peace Panel Discussion. Video coverage of events like this is rare, to say the least, in corporate media.

For those of you especially interested in the fall presidential race, here is a change of pace where the contest over the electoral college is analyzed.

Online photojournalism can be quite interesting too. One example is provided by ptvet's photos on SmugMug. Of special interest to me are the photos from Iraq Veterans Against the War's Winter Soldier protest in Seattle. The pain on the faces of Iraq veterans is caught along with their determination to stop a war without a clear mission.



  1. JoeC Says:
  2. Good links, Libhomo! I hadn't heard of her until watching the electoral map video, but now I think Gov. Kathleen Sebelius just became my top wish for Obama's runnning mate...just looked up a you tube of her, and that would be too awesome to have a Pres and a Veep in office who not only had inclusive values but could also speak intelligent, clear English. What a breath of fresh air that would be.

    P.S. Adding you to the Hard-boiled Dreams blogroll so I don't forget to come visit your site often.

  3. Robert Rouse Says:
  4. Thanks for hat tip! I do what I can from the arm pit of Hoosier Land. I just wish more people would get out there and do it. I would love to start a grassroots news organizations with video, audio, and photojournalism from around the world - or at least this part of the world.



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