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It's amazing that so much angst and anger are being wasted over something so trivial. A militant, Christian fundamentalist did what most fundies want to do. He burned a Koran. I find it amazing that he found that bullshit book "guilty" while not even putting the Bible on trial. That is spectacular hypocrisy.

Not to be outdone, militant, Muslim fundamentalists have reacted in a way that is far worse, engaging in violence and murder over such an incredibly petty offense. I don't favor any book burning on principle, but the notions that religious texts should be given some kind of privileged status would be as comical as it is bigoted if people weren't being senselessly murdered over it.

Note to religionists: You have no legitimate right or reason to get upset if someone disrespects your religion. Your religious beliefs apply to you alone. You have no right to try to apply them to anyone else under any circumstances. You don't have any business trying to get other people to respect your irrational, childish, superstitious, and preposterous beliefs. No matter how upset you get about it, two plus two will never equal twenty two. It will always be four.

The misogyny, racism, heterosexism, fascism, anti intellectualism, greed, corruption, rape, and murder of religion should be enough to make any sane person start questioning her or his religious beliefs. And, anyone who honestly and rationally questions religious beliefs ends up abandoning them. At some point, that person will wonder how they ever could have believed in anything so outlandish.

The sense of religious privilege and entitlement among the small Florida fundamentalist church and the multitudes of fundamentalist rioters is disgusting and inexcusable.



  1. Suzan Says:
  2. Amen!!!


    Love ya,


  3. Christopher Says:
  4. The Muslims in Afghanistan are fanatics.

    What amazes me is the number of people on the American left who are siding with the murders in Afghanistan and calling for Pastor Terry Jones' beheading.

    Afghanistan is a primitive nation mired in the 8th century. We need to get the hell out of there and mind our own business.

  5. Thanks for this. The older I get, the less tolerant I become of religion. I figure I'll be a right old c*nt when I'm 70-ish. God help the Jehovah or Mormon who rings my door....

  6. What a world, what a world...

  7. Ahab Says:
  8. What a fundamentalist mess. I grieve for the people who died over all of this.



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