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Time to Boycott Trump Resorts, Hotels, Etc.

Posted by libhom Friday, April 29, 2011

Setting aside matters of policy, the last thing we need is another spoiled rich scumbag trying to buy another office.


  1. I've always steered clear of any Trump-related properties just due to my aversion to gaudy tackiness.

    And tacky gaudiness.

  2. It's way past time! Just a couple of years ago, the mercenary racist remarks made by Donald Trump and supported by NBCUniversal corporatists would never have been tolerated.

  3. He probably doesn't own them, GLH. Trump just puts his name all over shit. That said, I will join your boycott. It's really easy for me since I'm casion-phobic. Oh, and his residential buildings in NYC suck. I just walked by the Trump "Palace" the other day. Palace? Really? Just gaudy, gold-colored glass. Cheap.



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