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Bush Already Has Lost the War in Iraq

Posted by libhom Wednesday, June 08, 2005

For over a year now, it has been obvious that Bush has lost the war in Iraq. The insurgency grows in strength; international opposition to the war stays strong; and the few corrupt governments that have sent their troops to help Bush in his war are gradually withdrawing their forces.

The biggest winners of this war have been Osama bin Laden and Al Queda. This war had toppled their time enemy, Saddam Hussein, while helping Al Queda recruit terrorists. Adding to the magnitude of the disaster, the war in Iraq has caused a dramatic increase in bin Laden’s popularity in the Muslim world.

A phony “election,” where the results were rigged to keep the government from representing the large majority of Iraqi voters who chose Shia parties, has done nothing to stabilize the situation. In a Kurdish area of the country, Christians were not even allowed to vote.

Four more US troops were killed today, leaving the official total at 1682 killed. The corporate media generally don’t bother to report on the troops that are maimed in this nutty war.

The Iraqis we are training to serve in that country’s military are merely seeking skills they can use for the insurgency. As of last summer, over 100,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed in the war. Who knows how many more have been slaughtered since then?

Yet, the corporate-owned media refuse to report the fact that Bush has lost this war. They even avoid reporting on the deaths of American soldiers now. The pro-war, pro-GOP, pro-Bush bias of these corporate “news” outlets gets more blatant as time goes by. Is it any wonder so many people are seeking uncorrupted sources of news and information?



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