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Bush Regime Preparing for Surrender in Iraq

Posted by libhom Sunday, June 26, 2005

We are seeing another parallel between the Bush regime and the Nixon Administration. Just as the Nixon Administration talked about “Vietnamization” and started negotiating with the Vietnamese nationalists, the Bush regime has started the process of a spun surrender.

The Bush regime is training an “Iraqi military” that has no interest in fighting for the occupation. The skills they are receiving will come in handy when the Shiites and Sunnis begin their battle for who will rule in post-occupation Iraq. This reminds history buffs of how the Nixon administration trained Vietnamese who had no interest in defending the puppet regime in South Vietnam.

Now, we have learned that the Bush regime has started secret talks with the rebels. For over a year, it has been no secret that Bush has lost the war. Now, even they are starting to face their failure.



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