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A Look Inside the Right-Wing Mind

Posted by libhom Friday, June 17, 2005

On the Yahoo Message Boards, you get a look into what the rightists are really thinking, without the spin doctors to clean things up. Here are some quotes that let you know the far right’s unsanitized perspective:

To allow freaks and degenerate homos to adopt or receive children thru foster care is only inviting the sexual abuse and attempted homosexual conversion of thousands of innocent children at the hands of these sick animals!!

Democrats hate democracy, they lose to often.

The Muslim religion should be equivocated to the Nazi regieme of the last century.

did you really think we would forget or forgive the murder of Terri??

The wide spread pedophilia phenomenon is a homosexual dilemma.
It is a dilemma that gay-marriage will not overcome. This is why we know that the Party of Treason will soon lobby to decriminalize pedophilia. The Jackson trial may have been a channel by which the issue is introduced to the public. It is a normal progression once homosexuality becomes part of the culture.

You can dress it up all you want but the fact is a so called husband is murdering his wife by starving her to death, while he enjoys the comforts of wife #2 waiting in the wings.
And the so called justice system is helping him.
Her blood is on all those who are helping him to do this.
All of you are guilty of her murder.

Phuck you, loser......you epitomize the LIBTURD losers who will cost the Democrat Party dearly for at least a generation....perhaps even longer...
You are incapable of holding a civil discussion.....bye, bye loser......

To take out Muslims. And I don't mean to lunch.

Note: I do not condone the statements above. They are being posted for purposes of illustration only.



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