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Pullout Would Hand Iraq to Competitors

Posted by libhom Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Bush regime's latest talking point, that leaving Iraq would turn the country over to “enemies,” reveals more than what they would like.

The main Shi'ite parties are anti-American parties tied to the Shia regime in Iran. Chalabi, the Bush regime's main point man in Iraq, is a well-known Iranian spy. The Shias are letting US troops do battlefield combat with their Sunni enemies while their police forces are disappearing Sunni civilians in much the way that Latin American dictatorships supported by the Reagan Administration did.

The Bush regime has already handed Iraq over to enemies of the US. In fact, they have converted the entire country into enemies of the US. The Bush people are tyring to set conditions where we never can leave Iraq, because there aren't any US-friendly Iraqis left to turn over the country to.

So, what is Bush's cabal really worried about? If they pull our troops out of Iraq, Halliburton and other GOP cronies will lose their gravy train. The last thing the Bush regime wants is for Iraqis getting jobs rebuilding their country. They would rather see their cronies bill the US government endlessly while producing little or nothing of any value for the Iraqi people.



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