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There Must Be a Den of Pedophiles in the Allen Campaign

Posted by libhom Saturday, October 28, 2006

The latest Republican filth in the Virginia Senate race is so disturbing. The Democrat, Webb, was writing a book about what he saw in Vietnam in a way to show some of the more disturbing aspects of what our troops experienced there.

If you are interested, the details of the custom Webb wrote about and Allen's campaign is describing are available.

Yet, the Allen campaign is calling passages in the book describing this ritual behavior in Indochina "child pornography." How could anybody come up with something so incredibly warped? I find it difficult to see how anyone but a pedophile would misinterpret Webb's writing in such a fashion. There must be a pedophile or group of pedophiles working for Allen. It is the only plausible explanation.

It also is useful to keep in mind that child molestation is rampant in the GOP, something the corporate media refuse to acknowledge because of their conservative, pro-Republican bias.



  1. Brad Says:
  2. I'd like to see Webb really fight back hard against this. I can't believe he hasn't (could be waiting for the Sunday talk shows), but he could easily say "I was there, I saw what happened while you and all the other chickenhawks stayed home."

    Adding you to my blogroll.

  3. Elvez73 Says:
  4. Allen is indeed the portrait of a chickenhawk, he was being fratty and trying to play quarterback at UVA when Webb was winning medals for bravery in Vietnam. Nice blog, you are on my daily reading list.



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