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Kucinich's Showing in MoveOn.Org's Poll Shows Promise

Posted by libhom Thursday, April 12, 2007

The corporate media and Democratic functionaries dismiss Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign, and his poll numbers tend to be low. But, Kucinich's showing in their presidential preference poll, which followed their virtual Town Hall on Iraq, tells an interesting story.

Sen. Barack Obama 28%
Sen. John Edwards 25%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 17%
Gov. Bill Richardson 12%
Sen. Hillary Clinton 11%
Sen. Joe Biden 6%
Sen. Chris Dodd 1%

MoveOn members have some qualities that make them different than general Democratic Primary voters.

  • They are very well-informed on the issues.

  • They are following the 2008 presidential campaign already, though most people are avoiding thinking about it until next year, an attitude that I can certainly sympathize with.

  • They are even more likely to oppose the war, though the rest of Democratic voters have been moving in that direction.

Despite his money disadvantage and every effort by corporate media outlets to belittle or ignore him, Kucinich's honest, direct, and well-considered position to immediately withdraw from Iraq has tremendous appeal for rational people. As Kucinich's other positions gain attention, he will gain more support.

Kucinich has a chance to win. The only way for Democrats to beat him will be to co-opt his positions. Either way, liberal values are in a much better position than they would be if Kucinich had not decided to run.

1 Responses to Kucinich's Showing in MoveOn.Org's Poll Shows Promise

  1. Darrick Says:
  2. Dennis Kucinich is the true anti-war candidate. Kucinich is the only candidate that voted against the original war authorization and has voted against funding the war every single time. He also has a plan to get out of Iraq, it is embodied in H.R. 1234, I highly recommend checking it out.

    For more useful Dennis Kucinich information check out:
    Put Peace in the White House in 2008



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