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One of last night's tornadoes in Texas ended up destroying the Valley Missionary Baptist Church in Haltom City. This poses a dilemma for any Baptist wishing to think logically. There are two sets of Baptist beliefs in conflict here.

  1. The Baptist church is God's church, and Baptists are the correct kind of Christians.

  2. The God of Christianity is an all-wise, all-loving, and all powerful being that controls the paths of tornadoes just as he controls everything else. This God loves the Baptist church and thinks that Baptists worship him correctly.

Of course, this is hardly the first time that severe weather has destroyed a church, mosque, temple, etc., but it is amazing that religionists never really clue in on the obvious problem that such destruction poses to their beliefs. Instead, they focus on emotional appeals to rebuild their churches, which may feel good to them, but do not address the fundamental weakness in faiths they hold as very important to their lives.

The absence of such discussion in the corporate media is an example of the overwhelming pro-religious bias found there. Obvious and logical thinking like this is generally taboo.



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