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Wow! Howard Kurtz Really Is a Bigot!

Posted by libhom Sunday, April 15, 2007

I knew for some time that the Washington Post's media critic Howard Kurtz was an obnoxious rightist. But, I had no idea that he was such a hateful bigot. Thanks to Media Matters, I now do.

On April 12, ABC's News had a segment with Kurtz chiming in on Imus:

KURTZ: The pressure on CBS -- just as it had been with NBC -- from this national eruption over Imus' racial remark simply proved to be too great. He became the symbol, the poster boy, for all of the anger in the country about radio hosts and television hosts who go too far and, in the end, he couldn't survive.

DAVID MUIR (World News Saturday anchor): Imus and his radio show had a long history of off-color remarks. Just last year, he called his own bosses "the Jewish management," and he used other words to describe them, as well.

KURTZ: Over the years, Imus made fun of blacks, Jews, gays, politicians. He called them lying weasels. This was part of his charm. But when he went too far, he became his own worst enemy.

This is sick and wrong for so many reasons. What is “charming” about making fun of blacks, gays, and Jews? Notice how Kurtz does not act as if making fun of whites, Christians, and heterosexuals is “charming.”

Since when are blacks, Jews, and gays “lying weasels”? This is reprehensible.

Also, it is truly offensive to act as if an often disreputable group of people like politicians is somehow comparable to queers, Jews, and African-Americans.

Kurtz really is horrible. His employment at the Washington Post discredits a newspaper already made disreputable by its right-wing bias and its butt kissing of the Bush regime.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Has Had Some Excellent Reports on Imus:

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