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Cosby Says "Come on People"

Posted by libhom Friday, December 07, 2007

No, I didn't make this up. It's the main title of his new book, which he co-authored with Alvin F. Poussaint. The full title is: Come on, People!: On the Path from Victims to Victors

If you look at the book cover, the font for the words "Come on People" is huge, while the subtitle is quite small. They even used white lettering.

How could Cosby be so clueless? Is he a subconscious perv?

You also have to wonder how such a salacious book title could have gotten through the editors from the publishing house. Also, why didn't Poussaint say something? These are the kinds of questions Cosby's editors should have asked.

Are you sure about that title?

Do you really want the title to be "Come on People"?

Are you absolutely sure?

The lascivious sounding title is even funnier considering that Cosby's latest shtick is to serve as a self-appointed and tedious scold for the African-American community.

I love unintentional humor.


  1. I've been in the publishing industry for almost 24 years, and if the comma (Come On, People) had been left out of the title throughout the book, I'd be appalled to think that any editor would let that slip.

    But I just took at look at the book on Amazon.com, using the "Search inside this book" feature. It looks to be the case that only the cover is missing the comma; the internal running heads (text at the tops of the pages) carry the comma. My experience tells me that somebody in the publisher's art department thought that the comma was needless fluff. And it's likely the case that the editorial department argued for including the comma on the cover but lost the battle to the art director, who's usually a pretty powerful person, because covers sell books.

    Being a big name, Cosby (and possibly Poussaint) should have been given a chance to see and approve the cover. But then again, Cosby's agent might not have successfully negotiated that privilege into his contract.

  2. libhom Says:
  3. It isn't just the cover that is missing the comma. The descriptive text in the online bookstores omit the comma as well.

    Darn. It isn't quite as funny as I thought, though the Art Director should be in some trouble for this.

  4. Well, there's always the title of this book to give you a good laugh.



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