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Schumer Betrays New York Voters Again

Posted by libhom Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Showing just how far he will go to pander to Bush, Charles Schumer joined almost every Republican voting and far too many "Democrats" in passing the corporate-controlled trade deal with Peru.

Never mind that the deal with eliminate American jobs and dramatically increase poverty in Peru. All Schumer cares about are big money donations from the rich and corporate interests. The 77-18 vote is a terrible indication of the pervasiveness of corruption in the Senate, and Schumer is one of the worst pigs at the campaign contribution trough.

If politicians like Schumer actually cared about middle class and poor people, they would be working to repeal corporate trade deals, not pass more of these attacks on the non-rich.

This is another excellent reason to boycott the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is headed by Charles "Loves Torture" Schumer.

Express your outrage to the DSCC!

1 Responses to Schumer Betrays New York Voters Again

  1. Larry Says:
  2. Schumer is a sellout and isn't far from the complete act of being a traitor that has tainted Lieberman.



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