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A Web Site for Iraq Exploiters

Posted by libhom Sunday, December 02, 2007

There actually is a web site just for people making money off of the suffering of the Iraqi people:

Investor's Iraq Forum

According to the site, the purpose is:

Investors Iraq Forum is a unique place where many people from around the world share investment ideas on the new emerging Iraq. Here you can get the latest exchange rates, news, and information regarding the Iraqi Dinar, which has risen in value by 20% over the past year. At Investors Iraq, you can also learn how to open an interest bearing bank account in Iraq and invest in the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) which officially opened to foreign investors on August 2, 2007.

Here are a couple of the creepier forums:
Iraqi Dinar Speculation

Liberty's Children (2 Viewing)
A special cove for the soldiers defending freedom around the world and the contractors planting the seeds for democracy.

The notion that the contractors are "planting the seeds for democracy" is positively Orwelian.


  1. libhom,

    I never understood how we could destroy their country and then bring in foreign firms to rebuild. What about giving contracts to Iraqi firms and rebuilding the Iraqi economy? That would have staved off a lot of the insurgency from the beginning. This whole mess was never about helping the Iraqis and it’s just sickening.

    BTW, I like the new site layout.

  2. I like your new template too ! I am reading the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. People this is a must read book. IF you never read another book, read this one. ...even my hero Chalmers Johnson, has high praise for it. Empire building, economic shock, its been the name of the game for a long long time..the sooner we know who and what we are fighting,the sooner we can learn exactly how to combat this monster.

  3. AJG Says:
  4. great blog. Thanks for your comment by the way.


  5. libhom Says:
  6. beyond the clintons:
    Thanks about the layout.
    The insurgency would have happened regardless of who got rebuilding contracts, though the situation in Iraq certainly has been made worse by locking Iraqis out.

    After all, if foreigners invaded and conquered the US, you can bet there would be an American insurgency, regardless of the colonizer's policies.

    proudprogressive: I have heard Ms. Klein's interviews on Pacifica. She is quite impressive.

  7. Dusty Says:
  8. Sweet Jesus in a speedo..these fuckers make me physically ill.

  9. Libhom,

    I hear you…there would still have been an insurgency but there was a glimmer of hope and a small window of opportunity the first year. I was in Iraq from May 2003 to April 2004 and you could walk through the streets of Falluja and Ramadi (Anbar province). This was a year before the famous uprising in Falluja the Marines faced in 2004. The whole CPA was a mistake, but despite popular perception this administration knew exactly what it was doing. They wanted to occupy Iraq the first year before handing over power to exiled Iraqis who could serve America and lay the ground work for long-term US presence in the region. Never about Iraqis and my fear is that it will come back to haunt this country soon. You just can’t inflict that much death and violence with out it reaching your shores–probably another reason why this administration has refused to grant some many Iraqis refuge in the US.

  10. Larry Says:
  11. Is this site being run by Halliburton or Blackwater.

    They certainly have experience in this.



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