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Clinton Surrogate Insults Voters

Posted by libhom Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Clinton campaign keeps sinking to new lows. Now, Geradline Ferraro has endorsed the ability of "superdelegates" to steal nominations in an infamous New York Times Op-Ed.

The very idea that "superdelegates" have any right to have any more say than you or I is a repugnant and reactionary to the core. Ferraro (like Clinton, Bush, and Karl Rove) thinks that the rest of us are unworthy of electing our president and that democracy is only OK if they get the result they have decided is best for us.

This isn't just an insult to Obama voters. It really is a personal attack against all voters, including people who voted for Clinton. How long are we going to go along with corrupt politicians treating us all like garbage?

If the Democratic nomination is stolen, I will be voting for and giving money to Nader. I may even volunteer for that campaign. Americans should not put up with being treated this way. An illegitimate nominee can expect to lose at least 40 states.

The is something bizarrely ironic about one passage of Ferraro's spin piece.

These superdelegates, we reasoned, are the party’s leaders. They are the ones who can bring together the most liberal members of our party with the most conservative and reach accommodation. They would help write the platform. They would determine if a delegate should be seated. They would help determine the rules. And having done so, they would have no excuse to walk away from the party or its presidential nominee.

The "superdelegates" are in incredibly divisive force in the Democratic Party. If they pull a scam to steal the nomination, they will tear the party apart. If they are allowed to do this, then it may well be time to give up on the Democratic Party for good. If I'm not good enough for my vote to be counted in the Democratic Party, I have every right to go elsewhere.


  1. I never trusted Ferraro. And it looks like I had good reason all along.

  2. Christopher Says:
  3. If the Democratic nomination is stolen, I will be voting for and giving money to Nader.

    If the DNC steals the nomination from Obama, handing it to the Borg Queen, I just won't vote.

    I can wait until 2012 and Al Gore.

    But nothing on earth could convince me to support Nader. Not after 2000.

  4. Lew Scannon Says:
  5. Does a superdelegate don a cape and fly over the convention? If Obama wins Ohio and/or Texas, the Democrats would be mighty foolish (and I'm not saying they aren't) to go against the will of the people if they expect to win the White House.

  6. Christopher Says:
  7. If the DNC can't resist the front-on forces of the Clinton machine and convince the Superdelegates to follow the popular voters, then I expect riots on the streets in Denver this August and the Democratic party to split into two parts.

    After the 2000 stolen election, most Democrats have moved beyond the calls for a warm and fuzzy kumbaya convention, where Dems join hands and fall in line behind the Borg Queen.

    At least no Democrat I know.



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