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Why Does Congress Still Pander to Bush?

Posted by libhom Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bush's Job Approval Down to 19%

This headline shows how unpopular Shrub is. So, why do so many politicians in Congress kiss up to him? Why do Pelosi and Reid act as if he is a beloved president whose approval is needed for anyone's political survival? Why do so many other Democrats go along with this?

Why do so many Republicans pander to him and his unpopular policies?

It's as if our votes don't matter. The politicians have become so beholden to big money donors it is sickening.

1 Responses to Why Does Congress Still Pander to Bush?

  1. CDP Says:
  2. Hi~
    Yes, I'm in for March 19, please go ahead and add me. Excellent post, I wonder the same thing re Reid and Pelosi. I so hope that their respective constituents vote them out of office.



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