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It Looks Like Obama Will Win the Nomination

Posted by libhom Saturday, February 09, 2008

Obama's wins in the Washington and Nebraska caucuses appear to be repeated with a victory in the Louisiana primary, if early returns hold up.

There are other signs of the Clinton campaign's difficulties. Ms. Clinton's personal loan to her campaign reflected finance problems due to her reliance on super rich donors who had already reached their legal limit in campaign contributions.

The Super Tuesday results were a disaster for the Clinton campaign. Over 20 primaries, of which four were in the huge states of California, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey, was an ideal situation for Clinton. This situation made grassroots campaigning and campaign rallies less influential, and it made name recognition the largest factor. Analysts are debating over whether Clinton or Obama got the most delegates, but the close delegate results eliminated the Clinton camp's best chance to win the nomination.

There is nothing comparable to Super Tuesday left, and that is resulting in desperate tactics by Clinton and her supporters. They are trying to create fear over a deadlocked convention, which is close to impossible given that there are only two candidates with significant numbers of delegates. Clintonites are even talking about a "dream ticket" (nightmare ticket for liberals) which would have Obama be Clinton's VP.

Obama would be a fool to fall for this one. In 2016, Chelsea Clinton will be 36, old enough to run for the White House. The Clinton dynasty would be break any deal to continue its hold on power.

There are two main reasons why Clinton is going to lose the nomination.

1) She voted to get us into the war in Iraq rather than leading opposition to it.

2) Her campaign used their version of the GOP's "Southern Strategy," using surrogates to attack Obama for being the "black candidate." This really infuriated Democratic primary voters of all races.



  1. PeteinDC Says:
  2. After tonight, it looks like Obama will win. Although he is not a true progressive's first choice. It's a huge relief to see Hillary being beaten!

    Nice blog, please check out mine. :)

  3. yep, now it will be very interesting and critical to see how Howard Dean handles the super delegate sitch.The people are making their voices heard or trying to at the ballot box. And when clinton is smashed she is trounced completely..and yes i agree Obama is not a progressive's first choice..but we may never see that in our life time , unless we can change the Constitution and have a more parlimentary system that allows real accessible third party access..but that was never the founders intention..its always be about a government by the elite,and keeping the "middling classes" at bay..sadly they have done a damn good job of it. And yes seeing Hillary beaten is HUGE. this is gonna get sooo ugly.

  4. Busta Says:
  5. Hey, I love your blog -- especially the name of it!!

    I like Obama but I'm supporting Clinton. Don't count her out just because he won a few states tonight. There's a lot more left to go!!

  6. libhom Says:
  7. Fortunately, a conservative Republican Clinton won't win the nomination this time.

  8. Lew Scannon Says:
  9. Given Sen. Clinton's ties to Monsanto, the likely nomination of Barack Obama is a good thing for the Democrats.



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