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Excellent Video on Burma

Posted by libhom Monday, October 15, 2007

Here is a great video on a protest here in the US by Burmese activists. This does a good job of having Burmese explain their own issues themselves, rather than having them filtered by media outlets that barely even know where Burma is.


  1. Gotta love Robert, doing Yeoman's work with his website and his travels around the blogoverse and the country. What a heart breaking video. The hope , the hope, that the usa will be able to do the right thing.

    I am just hearing now on Dem Now that jewelers are getting organized to boycott rubies from Burma.
    When it comes to business and resources our track record in the usa the usg (gov) is that we deal with tyranical dictatorships, juntas hell we even install em if their is a profit to be made. Its heartbreaking..but after the heartbreak - the heart can break open into rightous anger and anger mixed with heart and real love - is the best fuel for real change.

    Imagine...a new electoral system. Imagine our constitution restored. Imagine the vast majority of people coming to the shocking realization that the usa is part and parcel of the so called "axis of evil"

    There is another mobilization for peace and justice coming up. Oct 27th of course. But how many who are not local to the regions can afford to get there..We have to think and act locally. And we are. Here is to hoping that the millions near the 11 national place will come out to the streets again ..and know that for every person on the street there are 100 who want to be there but could not make it. We are the Majority - i believe this

  2. Robert Rouse Says:
  3. I need to do some more of these videos and get to know the Burmese population a little better. I'm trying to get permission to get some video of one of their temples and their rituals.



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