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The Incredible Stupidity of Most of the Teabaggers

Posted by libhom Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OK, here's what actually is happening with the teabagger protests.

1) Most radio stations, especially rightist talk stations, are owned by a small number of corporations.

2) Those corporations and the syndicators are owned by really, really rich people who do not pay anywhere near their fair share in taxes.

3) Those owners are mad that Bush's tax cuts for the rich are going to expire.

4) The owner class orders the rightist talkers to whip their imbeciles into a frenzy.

5) Some of those imbeciles go to the teabagging protests and fight against their own economic interests.

Now, a few of the teabaggers are rich people who would benefit economically from not paying closer to their fair share in taxes, but most rich people wouldn't hang out with the poorly educated people who make up most of the teabaggers.

This has got to be some of the most pathetic Astroturf I've seen in a long time.



  1. Ian Says:
  2. I think they're also protesting the gov't spending, but in any case, you and I agree that the teabaggers are pretty much idiots.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. Not to mention, these idiot conservatives have no idea what the term "tea bagging" has come to mean.

    If they did, I wonder if they would still be yammering about their support for it?

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. And they don't seem to have anything much to say other than, "No taxes!" We need more than that.

  7. two crows Says:
  8. these folks are making my argument for me: let them secede!

    in fact, I wrote something about that a long time ago on my first blog, then dusted it off and added it to PP&D here:


  9. 5) Some of those imbeciles go to the teabagging protests and fight against their own economic interests.

    This is the one that just gets to me. How stoopid are these people? How many of them can answer that they are better off now than they were 8 years ago? How many have lost or are losing their homes/jobs/pension?

    My message to all of them is you had this country for 8 years, now just shut up and let us try it our way for while. aarrgghh!



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