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The Kind of People Who Drove Specter Out of the GOP

Posted by libhom Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter didn't jump. He was pushed.

Some examples of the people that made being a Gopper execrable for Specter:


Its not like it even matters benedict Arlen Specter after voting for the porkulus bill, and his previous libtard voting record, made him a RINO, much like Olympia Snowe, John McCain, etc. At least now its official. Spectar will switch his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat and announced today that he will run in 2010 as a Democrat, according to a statement he released this morning. Specter’s decision would give Democrats a 60 seat filibuster proof majority in the Senate assuming Democrat Al Franken is eventually sworn in as the next senator from Minnesota. (Former senator Norm Coleman is appealing Franken’s victory in the state Supreme Court.)

The Conservative Gentleman (What an ironic blog title, BTW.)
This is why we have no respect for the elderly in this country. It is why we toss them into institutions like so much trash into a container. Men like Specter have no self-respect, thus no dignity. So desperate is he to keep his seat in the Senate he has sold his soul to the opposition, become like them, men and women without a shred of decency.

We would have respected you more, you piece of filth, if you’d said, “I relinquish all party affiliation, and will vote my conscience until the end of my term at which time I will not seek reelection.” But you could not say such a thing, you lack the courage.

Quick Daily Hits:
Specter’s departure to the Democrat party is intended to be a slap in the face, maybe a nail in the coffin, of the Republican Party. Not going to work, Arlen, because we all know who you are anyways. It’s Senators like you who have weakened the Republican Party. It’s “Republicans” like you who lose the GOP votes in national elections. We need leaders with backbone who can stand for conservative principles.

To one of the all-time hypocrites who ever made politics his career, I say, See ya, Arlen, don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out. Thanks for finally owning up to who you’ve always been anyways. If you’re going to be a pain in Republican Party’s neck anyways, it’s about time you just set up shop on the other side of the aisle.

One rightist nutjob put Specter's home address on his blog. (No, I'm not going to link to it.)

Remember when Michael Steele tried to put a reasonable facade in front of the GOP. That's over:
WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele released the following statement today:

"Some in the Republican Party are happy about this. I am not.

Let's be honest-Senator Specter didn't leave the GOP based on principles of any kind. He left to further his personal political interests because he knew that he was going to lose a Republican primary due to his left-wing voting record.

Republicans look forward to beating Sen. Specter in 2010, assuming the Democrats don't do it first."

The claim that Specter has a "left-wing voting record" is absolutely giggle worthy.

The rightists don't realize that they are not a majority in this country. They never were. Even worse for them, the failures of the Bush regime's rightist policies have further discredited them. The AWOL Rapture has taken much of the starch out of the Christian Taliban.

Instead of trying to work with moderates, the Palin/Limbaugh Goppers are engaging in a purge. The whole thing has been started by The Club for Growth (of Income Inequality) which is mostly made up of super rich Republicans in the very same NYC that far right talkers demonize.

Could it be that the GOP is headed towards being a third party?



  1. JayV Says:
  2. Great post!

    My reaction to the media blitz yesterday about Specter's announcement: I generally don't watch CNN, but had it on yesterday after a friend messaged me on Facebook about the Specter story... there was this nutjob I'd never heard of, Rick Sanchez, blabbing away.
    Gawd, he was deplorable as well as forgettable, not worth my time. *Click*. But what amazes me is that people are told how to think by this Sanchez guy and don't question his assumptions! (BTW, it's very difficult to make a comment on CNN's site.)

  3. Yep, he was pushed and we welcome him with open arms. We are the big tent party--the REAL big tent party. And we take moderates as long as they are willing to compromise and honestly work with us.

    I think the Republicanistal Party will be a 3rd party as you posed the question. They will be like the radical, racist and bigoted Christian party in France, "National Front."

    I think eventually a fiscally conservative but socially liberal party form from the ashes. In other words we will have exorcised that radical Christian bullshit.



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