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Iraq Vet Talks About How War Changed His View of the World

Posted by libhom Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mike Prysner, Iraq vet, shows how much a point of view can change when confronted with ugly reality.

1 Responses to Iraq Vet Talks About How War Changed His View of the World

  1. two crows Says:
  2. he's going to get short shrift from the occupiers, of course.

    I remember how many people trolled my blog after 9/11 when I suggested that people in the Middle East had a bonafide grudge against us -- even as I decried their tactics.
    as to Palestine -- well, that's not so clear-cut.
    while I hate what Israel has become, it's still a fact that Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon all attacked it at once immediately after it declared its independence in 1948.

    and, in 1967, there was the 6 day war -- started by Jordan and Palestine [I think].

    and the Yom Kippur War -- I don't remember who started it. it does, tho, seem pretty nasty to attack a country on it's biggest holiday.

    so, neither Palestine nor Israel is blameless in that debacle.



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