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Who's Getting Halliburton Company PAC Money?

Posted by libhom Saturday, July 22, 2006 3 comments

Halliburton is famous as a military contractor tied to former CEO, Dick Cheney. Many folks may not know that they also have their own Political Action Committee.

The FEC Disclosure Report Search Results provide interesting information on who Halliburton Company PAC wants in the House and Senate.


CandidatePartyStateOfficeNet Contributions 2005-2006*
George AllenRep.VASenate$2000*
Joe L. BartonRep.TXHouse$3000
Brian P. BilbrayRep.CAHouse$1000
Earl BlumenauerDem.ORHouse$0*
Roy BluntRep.MOHouse$1000
Denise BodeRep.OKHouse$2000
John A. BoehnerRep.OHHouse$1000
Charles W. Boustany, Jr.Rep.LAHouse$1000
Conrad BurnsRep.MTSenate$2000
Ken CalvertRep.CAHouse$2500
Lincoln D. ChafeeRep.RISenate$1000
Tom ColeRep.OKHouse$2000
Michael K. ConawayRep.TXHouse$2000
Barbara L. CubinRep.WYHouse$1000
Henry R. CuellarDem.TXHouse$2000
John CulbersonRep.TXHouse$4500
Geoffrey C. DavisRep.KYHouse$1000
Thomas M. Davis IIIRep.VAHouse$3000
Richard Michael DeWineRep.OHSenate$2000
John Eric EnsignRep.NVSenate$2000
Raymond E. “Gene” GreenDem.TXHouse$2000
Charles T. HagelRep.NESenate$1500
Samuel Robert JohnsonRep.TXHouse$2000
John Heddens KingstonRep.GAHouse$1000
Jon L. KylRep.AZSenate$1000
Trent LottRep.MISenate$2000
James Otis McCrery IIIRep.LAHouse$2000
Charlie Melancon Jr.Dem.LAHouse$1000
E. Benjamin NelsonDem.NESenate$1000
Solomon P. OrtizDem.TXHouse$1000
Ted PoeRep.TXHouse$1000
Richard PomboRep.CAHouse$4000
Silvestre ReyesDem.TXHouse$0*
Richard J. SantorumRep.PASenate$2500
Olympia J. SnoweRep.MESenate$1000
John SullivanRep.OKHouse$2000
James Matthew TalentRep.OKHouse$2000
Craig ThomasRep.WYSenate$2000
William ThomasRep.CAHouse$2000
David VitterRep.LASenate$2500
John William WarnerRep.VASenate$1000
Roger F. WickerRep.MIHouse$1000
Heather A. WilsonRep.NMHouse$1000

*When negative contributions were listed, the money was subtracted out to get net contributions for the time period in question.

As you can see, Halliburton Company PAC has a particular fondness for Republicans and Texas Democrats.

During the same time period, the National Republican Congressional Committee received $6500 from Halliburton Co PAC. The National Republican Senatorial Committee received $2500.

Lieberman's Homophobic and Misogynistic Campaign Ad

Posted by libhom Friday, July 07, 2006 1 comments

Time constraints have kept me from responding to this as quickly as I would like, but I think it is still important to comment on a bigoted ad from the Lieberman Senate Campaign. Queerty.com has extensive coverage of the issue, including screen shots and video.

The technique used in the ad was to make Lieberman's opponent, Ned Lamont, look subservient and dependent on former Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker by putting a pink shirt on his cartoon caricature and giving the Lamont cartoon a high pitched voice. Attacking men by associating female and queer traits with them is reprehensible. It is a personal insult to all queers and to all women.

There is an element of irony. Women like Cindy Sheehan and queers like Harvey Milk have shown more courage and independence than Lieberman is capable of doing.

Lieberman's defenders might point out the Champaign Fund's 100% rating for the incumbent on lgbt issues. However, two terribly important votes on lgbt issues show that such a rating is either outdated or inaccurate. Lieberman cast a viciously homophobic, sexist, and racist vote in favor of confirming John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Joe-mentum cast an equally homophobic, sexist, and racist vote on Alito filibuster, the only Alito vote that affected the outcome of his nomination.

It is no secret that Alito and Roberts have devoted their adult lives to attacking all civil rights and to subverting and undermining the U.S. Constitution. Lieberman didn't just betray the queer community with those votes, he violated his oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Hopefully, the HRC will put aside the pressure of rich, right-wing donors who love Ann Coulter's endorsee, Joseph Lieberman, and endorse Ned Lamont who is better on queer issues.


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