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"Google-Bombing" the Election

Posted by libhom Saturday, October 28, 2006 3 comments

MyDD has some excellent suggestions for Google-bombs for this election cycle. I have edited some out for the following reasons:

1)Some links had expired.
2)Wikepedia articles tend not to be that accurate on controversial matters, though it is a wonderful resource for non-contested matters such as gardening.
3)Some articles seemed only parenthetically related to the candidates in question.
4)One article actually criticized a Republican for switching a position from pro-Iraq war to anti-Iraq war.

Plenty of links remain. Even if you have no interest in influencing search engines, the remaining articles are a rich resource on the GOP Congress.

Here is what people really should be seeing in their search results when Googling GOP candidates.

  • CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave

  • CO-07: Rick O'Donnell

  • CT-04: Christopher Shays

  • FL-13: Vernon Buchanan

  • FL-22: Clay Shaw

  • IN-02: Chris Chocola

  • IN-08: John Hostettler

  • KY-03: Anne Northup

  • KY-04: Geoff Davis

  • MD-Sen: Michael Steele

  • MN-06: Michele Bachmann

  • MT-Sen: Conrad Burns

  • NV-03: Jon Porter

  • NH-02: Charlie Bass

  • NJ-07: Mike Ferguson

  • NM-01: Heather Wilson

  • NY-03: Peter King

  • NY-26: Tom Reynolds

  • NC-08: Robin Hayes

  • OH-01: Steve Chabot

  • OH-02: Jean Schmidt

  • OH-18: Joy Padgett

  • PA-04: Melissa Hart

  • PA-07: Curt Weldon

  • PA-08: Mike Fitzpatrick

  • PA-10: Don Sherwood

  • RI-Sen: Lincoln Chafee

  • TN-Sen: Bob Corker

  • VA-Sen: George Allen

  • VA-10: Frank Wolf

  • WA-Sen: Mike McGavick

  • WA-08: Dave Reichert

  • The latest Republican filth in the Virginia Senate race is so disturbing. The Democrat, Webb, was writing a book about what he saw in Vietnam in a way to show some of the more disturbing aspects of what our troops experienced there.

    If you are interested, the details of the custom Webb wrote about and Allen's campaign is describing are available.

    Yet, the Allen campaign is calling passages in the book describing this ritual behavior in Indochina "child pornography." How could anybody come up with something so incredibly warped? I find it difficult to see how anyone but a pedophile would misinterpret Webb's writing in such a fashion. There must be a pedophile or group of pedophiles working for Allen. It is the only plausible explanation.

    It also is useful to keep in mind that child molestation is rampant in the GOP, something the corporate media refuse to acknowledge because of their conservative, pro-Republican bias.


    Scumbag Telemarketing Republicans

    Posted by libhom Tuesday, October 24, 2006 0 comments

    I am so sick of the constant barrage of telemarketing calls I'm getting on my land line, all of which are from Republicans. One of the worst offenders is my GOP House incumbent who thinks that harassing people and violating peoples' privacy is the way to win votes.

    I was considering voting for a Green Party candidate in this race, but now I'm punishing the Republican scumbag by voting for the Democrat.

    I'm still wondering how those scumbags got my unlisted number.

    Just when you thought the GOP wouldn't come up with another way to make you hate them...

    Beware of “Records” That Don't Mean Much

    Posted by libhom Monday, October 23, 2006 2 comments

    The corporate media and the GOP are constantly spinning about "records" in economic data. The Bush regime was fond of talking about "record home ownership," though home ownership records should be happening all the time in a country whose population is growing.

    They try similar nonsense with "record tax revenues." We would have to be in a depression, not just our current economic stagnation, in order for that not to be the case. As usual, the ordinary is lionized as some sign of spectacular success.

    Now, the GOP and the corporate media are doing the same thing with "record Dow numbers." These should be happening fairly often, since stock markets increase in value over time. Yet, late 2006 is the first time it has happened under the Bush regime.

    People are more used to hearing "records" discussed in the context of sports, where they are true achievements. In economic data, beware of “records” that are quite ordinary.

    The Yahoo! message boards are primarily a venting arena, but every once in a while, an excellent idea is brought up there. In this case, the idea is to seize the assets of Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater, Big Oil, the Bush Family, the Cheney Family and other Bush regime cronies to help pay for the Iraq war.

    It was be justice, both poetic and literal. Besides, why should the taxpayers foot all the bill for an illegal and unAmerican war in Iraq? It's not like we elected any of these people.

    James Hagedorn, CEO of Scott's Miracle-Gro, is pushing hard for a homophobic hate-group, the Republican Party. At a recent GOP fundraiser, Hagedorn said:

    "It may be unpalatable to push the button or pull the lever for a Republican this year, but the choice is not to flush the party of business down the toilet," Hagedorn told about 50 fellow businessmen and (Republican Rep. Deb) Pryce at the breakfast. "As bad as the Republican Party has gotten itself, what's the choice?"

    It would be shameful under any circumstances for Hagedorn to support a viciously homophobic organization like the GOP under any circumstances. To support such a hate-group when it also is in political trouble for massive corruption adds insult to injury.

    The Republican he was raising funds for, Pryce, has engaged in viciously homophobic spin derived from the Christian Right. After her opponent ran an ad criticizing Pryce and the GOP leadership for protecting Mark Foley, Pryce accused her opponent of “gay baiting.”

    This was a reprehensible use of the Christian Right's talking point, that Foley is in trouble for being gay, not for sexually harassing minor employees. It is a devious effort by Pryce to equate homosexuality with pedophilia and sexual abuse. It is hardly new for Republicans like Pryce to smear us by associating us with child rapists, but it still is just as morally repugnant when it happens.

    I refuse to buy any more Miracle-Gro products until the company has another CEO. By supporting the GOP, Hagedorn is endangering me in terms of possible physical assault or loss of employment. The fact that he is raising money for a particularly despicable homophobe like Pryce only makes things worse.

    You can express your outrage at Hagedorn's behavior by filling out the online form at:


    The Bush Economy Still Sucks for Most Americans

    Posted by libhom Sunday, October 22, 2006 0 comments

    The corporate media keeps going on about “record stock markets,” but that pro-GOP spin is misleading. Stock markets generally go up in the long run. Record stock markets should be a fairly common occurrence.

    But, that is hardly the biggest economic concern facing middle-class and poor families in our country. The job market still is weak. Salaries are stagnant. People still are having their jobs outsourced and losing jobs in corporate mergers that violate anti-trust laws. Americans are mounting up record debt just to try to keep up with their previous standard of living.

    Most middle-class people in this country have counted on one cushion, rising housing prices. Now, real estate prices are falling, endangering far too many people financially.

    While this is happening, the rich are getting richer. The overall economic indicators show mild economic growth, but the benefits are going to a small minority of people at the top. The tax and spending policies of the Bush regime are turning a mediocre economy overall to a trauma for the middle class and a desperate situation for the poor.

    The corporate media avoid this subject whenever possible. Yet, this will play a major role in the midterm elections. This is a major source of discontent among independent and even some GOP voters.

    Bush Regime Officials Show Contempt for ...Their Boss

    Posted by libhom Monday, October 16, 2006 2 comments

    Too many OB/GYNs aren't able to practice their love with their patients.

    - George W. Bush

    David Kuo has stirred up a bit of controversy with his book, Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction. Kuo was the deputy director of the Bush regime's hate-based initiatives office, which was responsible for diverting government grants from inclusive non-profits to ones that discriminate on the basis of religion.

    Kuo had too complaints, according to the Time magazine article. First, he was greedy, never being satisfied with the amount of money diverted to his office. In this, Bush was on his side, and Rove his nemesis.

    Kuo's other complaint is getting more attention. Senior Bush regime officials routinely referred to the Christian Taliban and its followers derogatory names. The online report from 60 Minutes was quite entertaining.

    Specifically, Kuo says people in the White House political affairs office referred to Pat Robertson as "insane," Jerry Falwell as "ridiculous," and that James Dobson "had to be controlled."

    All of these criticisms are quite valid, but they are offending militant, Christian fundamentalists. This is creating quite a stir, but the media are missing out on the most interesting aspect of the story. George W. Bush is a Christian extremist, just like Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, and Kuo.

    When White House political officials mock the Christian Right, they are expressing contempt for George W. Bush's religious beliefs. When Bush was Governor of Texas, the corporate media covered his religious fundamentalism in an unvarnished fashion. When Bush was selected by the GOP establishment for the party's presidential nomination, he was lionized by the corporate press for being part of both the big money and Christian Right wings of the party.

    However, once the 2000 campaign was in swing, the media acted as if Bush and the Christian Taliban were separate from each other. This obligatory forgetfulness served the GOP's agenda, but it gave people the mistaken perception that Bush is faking his religious fervor.

    Bush's inability to string together coherent sentences without a teleprompter is enough for anyone to look down on him. However, his own staff members apparently also think that people like Bush are religious wackos. If so, they are correct.

    The GOP Scandals Are Tough to Keep Track Of

    Posted by libhom Friday, October 06, 2006 2 comments

    Another Republican has been fired in a corruption scandal.

    Karl Rove aide Susan Ralston is out. The House Government Reform Committee has accused Rove aide Susan Ralston inside info from the Bush Regime to GOP activist and confessed criminal Jack Abramoff. She partied on Abramoff's generosity, receiving tickets to sports and entertainment events while being oh-so-helpful.

    Karl Rove, who was involved in revealing the identity of an under cover CIA agent working on WMDs, still has a job. Bush said he would fire anyone involved with this. Bush lied, which hardly is surprising.

    Remember how Hastert protected the reputation of an old Turkish regime that committed genocide against Armenians? There were bribery allegations involved. Yet, the pro-GOP corporate media leave out this important context for Hastert's latest cover-up scandal.

    Of course, the corporate media are still ignoring the Downing Street Memo, which proves that the Bush regime faked intelligence on WMDs in Iraq. This may be an older scandal than the Page Turner, but it still is relevant. Our troops are dying, and so are the Iraqis. Yet, the corporate media are still helping to cover up how they got put there.

    There are two ways that the media need to connect the dots in the Republican Page Scandal. The first is obvious. Foley is hardly the only predator of children in the GOP. Pedophilia is rampant among Republican politicians, activists, and prominent Christian Right supporters. Reporters should do the real reporting on GOP pedophilia, rather than inaccurately treating the latest scandal as in isolated incident.

    But, there are somewhat less obvious ways that the media should connect the dots on the GOP. The failures in this scandal are directly related to broader failings in the Republican Party. Here are some of these connections.

    A party that did not respond appropriately to Hurricane Katrina refused to respond accordingly to its own prominent sexual predators.

    A party that has repeatedly lied to us about Iraq had no problem lying about a pedophilia investigation.

    A party that legislated torture had no moral problem with torturing little kids sexually.

    A party that illegally suspended Habeas Corpus had no problem committing obstruction of justice.

    A party that often commits massive election fraud had no problem protecting a pedophile to save a House seat and get money from a PAC.

    A party that condones illegal spying on Americans and then legislates it has no problem with other extreme violations of peoples' rights.


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