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Male Clinton Supporters More Likely to Vote McCain

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 31, 2008 2 comments

Buried in the second page of an 8/30/08 New York Times story on Palin and women who support Clinton is the following:

Few people claim to understand the dynamics of the Clinton vote. In the most recent New York Times/CBS News poll, conducted Aug. 15-20, 22 percent of voters who said they had voted for Mrs. Clinton in the primaries say they now support Mr. McCain, while 61 percent back Mr. Obama. Among the women who voted for Mrs. Clinton, 17 percent say they support Mr. McCain, and 63 percent Mr. Obama. (The rest were undecided.)

Keep in mind that if 22 percent of all Clinton voters support "Keating Five" McCain and only 17 percent of women Clinton supporters do, then over 22 percent of male Clintonistas are in McCain's camp right now.

The corporate media are feeding us a narrative of angry women supporters of Clinton switching to McCain, but the actual numbers strongly suggest that the narrative is dead wrong.

No wonder that this important information was buried towards the end of the article.


Gustov's projected path puts landfall very close to New Orleans

Hurricane Gustav hasn't even made landfall in the US, and the Bush regime's negligence already has been showing. Bush has been fiddling instead of launching an immediate airlift of our National Guard from Iraq to the Gulf Coast.

It's bad enough that our National Guard is being misused on foreign colonial adventures instead of guarding the US and assisting with disasters. What's worse is that the Bush regime doesn't even have any interest in calling the National Guard back from Iraq to do their jobs, much less an actual plan.

Bush may never accept this responsibility. A competent, loyal president would have already begun the airlift.


With Gustav roaring towards the New Orleans area, those of us who are bloggers need to be ready. If you aren't evacuating, you need to follow the news very closely and go ballistic every time the Bush regime shows neglect, incompetence, or maliciousness in its handling of Gustav. I don't mean a week after Gustav hits. People need to jump on the stories ASAP in order to try to shame the Bushi'ites during an election year. Here are some news sources to watch closely. (Please add more in the comments section.)

Democracy Now!



Common Dreams

BBC News - Americas

The Indypendent

We can all hope for the best, but we need to be ready to get busy if things go badly or worse.

DNC Protests Highlights

Posted by libhom Saturday, August 30, 2008 0 comments

CODEPINK Was Impossible for Anyone But Most of the Corporate Media to Ignore

Protesters spell out Make Out not war with their bodies on grassy field
From a CODEPINK email 8/29/08:

Yes, there were some places where we were not welcome (and even kicked out!) but most delegates embraced us with love and gratitude. They, too, are frustrated by the lack of leadership in our country when it comes to getting out of Iraq, and are ready to stand up for issues and not just candidates. Over 1,000 delegates wore or held our message, I am A Delegate for PEACE.

On our pinked up rollerblades and bicycles we painted Denver pink with PEACE. We even created a giant "Make Out Not War" aerial image with our bodies--and check out more great DNC photos here. We covered the streets with our powerful posters, designed by Favianna Rodriquez. They are now collectors' items

Unfortunately, a CODEPINK member was beaten and arrested by Denver police for videotaping an arrest of a protester from another group.

The video from the Rocky Mountain News doesn't capture her videotaping the previous arrest, but it shows the woman being knocked to the ground by a police officer's baton and then being arrested when she was being interviewed by media on scene.

The protester, Alicia Forest, was later released. According to CODEPINK, she plans on taking legal action against the Denver police.

CODEPINK will be heading to the Republican National Convention (Repugnant Nazi Carnival) next.

IAVW at the DNC:

From Iraq Veterans Against the War 8/28/08 (hat tip to GDAEman):
Iraq vets lead biggest successful action of DNC: push Obama toward real antiwar position

Denver, Colorado – Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) led a non-violent march of 8,000 allies, including members of Rage Against the Machine, to the front entrance of the Pepsi Center. There they delivered a letter containing their three points of unity to the Obama campaign’s veteran staff. IVAW’s three points of unity are:
1.Immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces from Iraq
2.Full benefits and healthcare for returning veterans
3.Reparations to the Iraqi people

More on the Protest from the Indypendent

Third Party and Independent Candidates

Cindy Sheehan spoke at the Open the Debates Rally:

She now refers to the Republicans and the Democrats as "the twins."

According to a Green Party press release, the scheduled speakers were:
Rosa Clemente, the recently nominated vice-presidential candidate running with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on the Green Party ticket, will join Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez, Val Kilmer, Sean Penn, Cindy Sheehan, Tom Morello, Jello Biafra, Nellie McKay, and Ike Reilly at the "Open the Debates" Super Rally on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. at the University of Denver Magness Arena in Denver, Colorado.

Rosa Clemente, Green Party VP candidate, also had a controversial speech during the time of the DNC. She is introduced by Green presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney.


Here is a truly disturbing example of the all too common attacks on our civil liberties, courtesy of OpEdNews 8/25/08:

"As I walked toward my room, I noticed that the door was opened with the security bolt blocking the complete closing of the door. I knew immediately that I had not left the door open, and I double checked to make sure it was the right room because, as a frequent traveler, I have been known to forget my room number, but it was the right room.

I was upset at first thinking that housekeeping had made a mistake and left my room open and I was worried that something might be missing. So I walked into my room and bigger than life, there was a man standing by my desk holding the room phone with a screwdriver in his hand!

I immediately said; "What the hell are you doing? Are you putting a bug on my phone?" He looked like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and stammered out: "N--no, we are having problems with the phone." I told him to get out of my room because my phone was fine and I called the front desk and the person at the front desk stammered something out about "problems" with some of the phones.

This room was reserved soon after we got to Denver last night because the room we had was inadequate for 3 people. The room was reserved under my campaign manager's name with a CFC debit card. By the time we left for the march, it could have very well been ascertained that I was the one in this room, and the room we did reserve could be bugged, also. I am confident that that's what was happening when I walked in on the "maintenance" man"

You don't come in the room with a screwdriver if there are problems with the hotel phones. You do it electronically, through the system or you hook up a new phone.

You can't help but wonder if this was done as a political payback to Nancy Pelosi, who has violated her oath of office by blocking the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.


McCain Should Be Tested for Senility

Posted by libhom Thursday, August 28, 2008 8 comments

McCain on war plane looking out of itDemocrats.com, a website run by a group of progressives within the party, is saying something rather controversial. In elections years rife with negative campaigning, it would be easy to dismiss the following, but they make a compelling case based on numbers and medications that McCain should be examined for senile dementia and other mental impairments.

But McCain's age is no joke. He will turn 72 on Friday and would be halfway to 73 if elected and sworn in on January 20.


Nor can we afford the risk of dementia. 22% of Americans over 70 are affected by mild cognitive impairment, while 13% of Americans over 65 have Alzheimer's. Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at age 83, but early signs were evident during his first term. Britain's "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher developed dementia at age 75.

Prescriptions can also adversely affect mental function. McCain takes Simvastatin, an arthritis drug that can cause memory loss. McCain also takes Ambien to sleep, which can cause amnesia and "fugue states" like the one that caused Rep. Patrick Kennedy's late-night car crash. If the phone rang at 3 a.m., would McCain even wake up?

McCain's medical records are not available to physicians. He did not "release" them for the campaign; he only allowed hand-picked reporters to examine them quickly without making copies. And there were no results of an Alzheimer's test, because McCain has never had one - even though he has 6 of the 10 warning signs, including his inability to remember facts like the number of homes he owns or the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

In previous postings here, I've raised some questions that concerned me regarding McCain's mental state.

"Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Iran"

Moody and Innapropriate Behavior from "Keating Five" McCain

McCain Said Putin is Germany's President

"Keating Five" McCain Reminds Me of Oscar the Grouch (McCain was strangely irritable on the night he clinched the GOP nomination, what should have been one of the happiest times of his life.)

The corporate media are censoring the issue, as they love slanting everything in favor of the GOP. Regardless of whether you support McKinney, Nader, or Obama, it should be obvious that questions about McCain's mental capacities are reasonable and important. (Republicans should be concerned too, but they tend to see things in an incredibly partisan fog.) Democrats.com has an
online petition asking the corporate media to call on McCain to be examined for Alzheimer's and other mental impairments. Senile dementia due to small strokes should be a subject for medical examination as well.

Please Sign the Petition


Obama Has Been Moving Away from the Center, Not Towards It

Posted by libhom Wednesday, August 27, 2008 0 comments

Obama looking towards the rightIf you follow the corporate media, you cannot help but notice how they insist that Democratic candidates "must move to the center" in the general election. Equally blatant, is the general absence of similar advice to Republican presidential hopefuls. Instead, Republicans are advised to take right wing positions to "shore up their base." In both cases, there is a strong commonality.

The corporate media is almost always pressuring candidates to shift their policies and positions to the right.

This alone should make sensible people skeptical about the news stories on Obama supposedly moving to the center. However, there is a bigger oddity at work here. Obama already was a centrist candidate during the Democratic primaries. If you think I'm making this up, try examining many of the biggest issues of the day.

Iraq War
Liberal Position: "Immediate Withdrawal," which in practical terms means getting all of our troops and all of the mercenaries out of the country in a few weeks, which is all it would take in military terms. (Pundits and politicians who claim that it would take 6 months to a year are not only lying, but they also are accusing the US military of being colossally incompetent.)

Centrist Position: Slow, incomplete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

Conservative Position: Maintain the occupation of Iraq forever, and keep current or higher numbers of troops and mercenaries there.

Liberal Position: Enact a single payer healthcare plan that gets the HMOs and insurance companies out of the healthcare business. Such a plan would provide universal care and cut dramatically on the percentage of GDP spent on medical care.

Centrist Position: Give the HMOs and insurance companies more money to provide more people the kind of inadequate care that the insured currently get. Provide some government funding, but also make people who can't afford insurance pay some of the costs anyway.

Conservative Position: Get rid of Medicaid, Medicare, and employer provided healthcare.

Liberal Position: No attack on that country. Build friendly relations with Iran.

Centrist Position: Try diplomacy first, but keep military force as an option. Talk tough, and do a lot of saber rattling.

Conservative Position:
Hurry up and attack Iran already.

Economic Stimulus
Liberal Position: Massive government spending on infrastructure repair, expanding public transportation, and alternative energy, an approach creating real jobs and creating long term economic security and growth. Also include expanded unemployment insurance.

Centrist Position: Massive tax cuts for wealthy and corporate interests. Small one time rebates for middle class people. Also include expanded unemployment insurance.

Conservative Position: Massive tax cuts for wealthy and corporate interests. Small one time rebates for middle class people.

Liberal Position: Strongly supports impeachment as a constitutional obligation of Congress.

Centrist Position: Split down the middle. An issue of rule of law vs. perceived practical politics.

Conservative Position: Offended by the notion anyone would want to impeach Bush or Cheney.

Liberal Position: Add more safeguards for civil liberties to the legislation.

Centrist Position: Leave the FISA bill the way it was.

Conservative Position: Give the executive branch more powers to spy on political opponents, and give the Telecoms immunity.

ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act)
Liberal Position: Strengthen ENDA to give it more enforcement powers than the version offered before Pelosi and Frank weakened it this session.

Centrist Position: Keep ENDA bill the way it was.

Conservative Position: Oppose it all together or riddle it with loopholes rendering it irrelevant (the Pelosi/Frank approach)

Abortion Rights
Liberal Position: Abortion on demand without apology or restriction.

Centrist Position: Some restrictions on abortion.

Conservative Position: Criminalize abortion.

Liberal position: Restrict or ban handguns.

Centrist position: Give up on gun control because it might offend people who never vote for Democrats anyway.

Conservative position: Flood our country with handguns.

Election Fraud
Liberal Position: Hand count paper ballots. Crack down on efforts to illegally disenfranchise voters.

Centrist Position: Try to choose the best of the electronic voting methods (e.g., touch screens) or counting methods (e.g., Scantrons). Take some steps to avoid voter disenfranchisement.

Conservative Position: Use machines owned by Republican companies. Disenfranchise as many non-white people as possible, since conservatives never supported extending the franchise beyond whites anyway.

If you look at the main issues facing the country, Obama's stance was right down the middle on nearly all of them during the primaries. Since then, he has been moving to the right of center on some important matters.

We are getting some major bs from corporate "news outlets" and their parade of prattling pundits. We need to fact check all of this.


Support Long Overdue Action for Katrina Survivors

Posted by libhom Tuesday, August 26, 2008 0 comments

Back on August 30, 2007, I blogged on the Gulf Coast Civil Works Project. The Color of Change still is supporting this logical and comprehensive approach to restoring civil and economic security to far too many displaced people.


Here is the description of the project I previously posted.

Here's the proposal as laid out by Prof. Myers-Lipton:

The Proposal:
The GC Civic Works Project will hire 100,000 Gulf Coast residents to rebuild New Orleans and the surrounding region. The residents, who will be given subsidized tickets back to their neighborhoods, will build and repair houses, schools, parks, and other civic buildings and spaces.

The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project accomplishes 4 things:

1. provide our citizens with living wage jobs,
2. make housing available for themselves and their communities,
3. restore a sense of personal empowerment and hope, something which has been stolen from our people, and
4. restore faith among our citizenry of the government’s ability to respond to the needs of its people through a public-private partnership.

Projected Cost:
Based on a ratio of labor to materials of 80-20, and a wage rate of $12 per hour, the total cost of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project is $3.125 billion. The projected cost of wages is $2.5 billion, while the cost of materials is $625 million.

The default text for emails has some updated information on the status of the legislation.
Reps Rodney Alexander (R-LA), Charlie Melancon (D-LA), Gene Taylor (D-MS), the Louisiana Republican Party, and 13 other members of Congress have already signed on in support of HR 4048. What's needed now is leadership to make this plan a reality and fulfill this country's obligation to those it left behind after Katrina.

View Full Text of Proposal

Please Contact Your Representatives


Obama Has Pushed Me Completely Away from His Campaign

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 24, 2008 9 comments

Since Obama has won the nomination, it is as if he and his campaign have worked overtime to drive atheists, queers, liberals, and progressives away. Here are some examples.

- Obama joined McCain in a presidential campaign forum in Osama bin Warren's fundamentalist indoctrination center. Attending a forum in any church is a vicious and bigoted personal attack against atheists and agnostics, just as it undermines state/church separation. Participating in such a form in a fundamentalist hate-church is a vicious and bigoted personal attack against queers and women as well. Even worse, the forum was on religious beliefs and politics. Never mind that religion has no legitimate role to play in politics.

- Obama praised the Supreme Court's blatantly and obviously unconstitutional ruling striking down DC's rather mild gun control law. I was stunned that Obama sided with the NRA terrorists against people who live in major cities.

- Obama voted for a blatantly unconstitutional FISA bill which tries to sanction illegal searches while giving immunity to criminal telecom companies and their executives.

- Obama went on a saber rattling blitz against Iran, as if we don't already have enough problems to deal with in the Middle East.

- Obama made a commitment to expand the Bush regime's hate based initiatives to divert federal funding from inclusive nonprofits to religious ones.

- Obama reaffirmed his support for NAFTA after attacking it on the campaign trail. (Talk about Clintonian triangulation.)

- Obama shifted his position to support more offshore drilling.

- Obama hired Jason Furman, a Clintonian supporter of Wal-Mart, as an economics adviser.

- Obama has endorsed Isreal's occupation of Palestinian East Jerusalem.

- Finally, Obama picked Joementum Biden, a corrupt, racist, blowhard, war criminal for VP. I can't imagine voting for any politician that committed a heinous crime against humanity by voting for a war of aggression and genocide against the people of Iraq.

With each passing day, Obama becomes more like Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Since clinching the nomination, Obama hasn't provided even one positive reason to vote for him.

Barack Obama, you win. I voted for you in the New York primary, but now I realize that voting for Democrats is a waste of time. You have pushed me so far away from your campaign that I can not vote for you in November. Congratulations.


By Libhomo

August 24, 2008

ATLANTA - Former Vice President Dan Quayle returned from a fact finding trip to declare, "I see no evidence of a Russian incursion into Georgia, none whatsover."

After taking a ride in an armored plated limo through Atlanta, Savannah, Albany, and other parts of the state, Quayle's party could not find any evidence of tanks or any wartime damage.

"All of this hype about a so-called Russian invasion of Georgia is just liberal media nonsense. The sensationalism in this case is truly appealing," Qualye added.

Georgians were confused when his driver would stop and ask them if they knew of any Russian presence in their area. "That guy is a few cows shy of a herd," Horace Saltine of Athens noted.

Reporters were too busy laughing to explain to Mr. Quayle that he was in the wrong Georgia.


Biden Is an Execrable Choice

Posted by libhom Saturday, August 23, 2008 6 comments

Will Biden steal part of Edwards' 2004 acceptance speech?

Is Barack Obama completely out of his mind?

Obama's choice of an idiot like Joe Biden shows terrible judgement. The one thing that did the most damage to Clinton's campaign was her 2002 vote to authorized a genocidal war of aggression against Iraq. Biden voted the same way as Ms. Clinton (and John McCain).

The war against Iraq was both a war of aggression and an act of genocide, resulting in well over 1.2 million Iraqi deaths. Under international law, every Senator who voted for the law is subject to prosecution for crimes against humanity in every country on the planet, with the possible exception of the US (the courts would have to decide whether congressional immunity or international treaty obligations take precedence).

Can Obama really expect liberals and progressives to campaign, much less vote, for a war criminal like Biden?

Biden offers very little that is positive. His behavior on most foreign policy issues has been ignorant, arrogant, and foolish. Biden made an idiot of himself in 2006 when he offered a de facto partition plan on Iraq even though that is none of his business nor any of our business. The only people who should be weighing in on the issue are Iraqi.

Why would Biden do such an arrogant and inappropriate thing? Why would he do something so counterproductive? It's the same reason he voted for the illegal and unAmerican war in Iraq.

Biden is bought and paid for by Big Oil companies that want the Middle East carved up into ever smaller and less viable states that can be controlled from Texas.

Also, Biden has made an ass of himself on the conflict between Russia and Georgia. He spewed McCain-style tough rhetoric on the issue, neglecting to mention that the Iraq War has left our country close to powerless militarily, something the Russians are keenly aware of. From politicsusa.com:

“The war that began in Georgia is no longer about that country alone. It has become a question of whether and how the West will stand up for the rights of free people throughout the region. The outcome there will determine whether we realize the grand ambition of a Europe that is whole, free, and at peace.”

He also called for the Russian troops to get out, and international peace keepers to come in, “Russia must make good on President Medvedev’s commitment to immediately withdraw Russian troops to their positions before the current fighting began. We also need a truly independent and international peacekeeping force in Georgia’s conflict regions. And we must help the people of Georgia to rebuild their country and preserve its democratic institutions.”

The only thing bigger than Biden's mouth is his ego. I just hope that man's open trap doesn't get us into a nuclear war with Russia.

Biden is a notorious racist too. During his presidential campaign, he made a horribly racist comment about previous black presidential candidates. Jack and Jill politics has a detailed summary of Biden's long racist history. The last thing the Obama campaign needs is to have to devote time and energy to spinning a racist comment from Biden's loose lips.

Then, there is the other thing Biden is famous for: being a serial plagiarist.

It's not like anyone is going to vote for Obama because he put Joementum II on his ticket. Deleware isn't exactly a swing state, and Biden fails to appeal to swing voters in the center, while he alienates swing voters on the left.

Biden as Obama's VP pick is truly disturbing.


A Military Recruiting Tool in High Schools

Posted by libhom Thursday, August 21, 2008 3 comments

This is from New York Peace Action. I didn't know about this, and I figured you might not either.

Dear Peace Advocate,

On August 6th The Philadelphia Inquirer created a major breakthrough in our collective counter-recruitment work by publishing an investigative report on the ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, the military’s tool for finding and sorting potential high school recruits.

The ASVAB is a test that is often marketed in schools as a “career exploration program” without mentioning that scores are turned over to the military so that recruiters can hand-select the students they wish to contact.

High schools around the country have different policies on the ASVAB. Some don’t offer the test. Some students have the option of taking the test. Some schools require all students to take the test, but don’t report the scores to the military and some schools require all students to take the exam, and then turn the results over to the military.

As a result of a Freedom of Information Act request, the Inquirer was able to gain access to a database of the 11,900 high schools - 364 in New York State - that gave the ASVAB test to 621,000 students in 2006-07. Each school is listed with information on how many students took the test, whether the test is mandatory, and whether the results are given to the military. (The search function doesn't work well - use the "View by State" function instead.)

In your five minutes for peace this week, please see where your local high school is on the ASVAB continuum and write to your school board or principal. If necessary, demand that your local school join school leaders and administrators across the country in protecting students’ privacy. If your local school already protects students from the disinformation of military recruiters, make sure to take the opportunity to thank them.

As always, thanks for all you do.

One thing that really creeps me out is that some high schools make the test mandatory. If I were one of the students at those schools, I would really screw up the test, especially in any area that sounded like it was related to fighting in wars. It's not like the test is used for college admissions. I also wonder how much the various schools disclose to students and parents about how the data is being used.

Data comparing the class and racial makeups of the schools' students to the levels of participation in ASVAB would be interesting and relevant.

The database is nationwide, so you don't have to live in New York to find out about your local school.


John McCain has been one of the most corrupt politicians in the history of the Senate. He was deeply involved in the Keating Five scandal, where he showed favoritism to a disreputable savings and loan. Favoritism to dishonest S&Ls led to a financial crisis and a taxpayer bailout of over $200 billion.

McCain's pro Iraq war stance is an extreme example of his political corruption. It proves that he is completely bought and paid for by campaign contributions from Big Oil, mercenary corporations, and other war profiteers. But, what about personal greed? Here's an explanation of why a kept man like "Keating Five" McCain favors the rich over the middle class.

"Most working families today do not have homes that have anywhere near ten rooms. John McCain has ten houses. Many working people in America have to work two and three jobs to provide for their families and pay their car loans. John McCain hops on a private jet. Is it any wonder why McCain champions a George Bush agenda of cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy, helping oil companies turn record profits, and leaving working families to fend for themselves? McCain's velvet world leaves him utterly unprepared to make the tough choices we need to restore the middle class and ensure that everyone in America has quality, affordable health insurance."

- Andy Stern, President, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

Brave New Films did a video showing McCain's personal wealth (OK, his wife's personal wealth) and his contempt for middle class Americans who are suffering under policies that make McCain richer.

John McCain is a true sleaze. His policy positions, including his desire to perpetuate Bush's tax cuts for the rich, are based on the McCain's personal portfolios, not the national interest. He thinks of the rest of us as the little people.


MSNBC is running an online poll on whether or not "In God We Trust" should be on our currency.

Vote Now!

Hat tip to Atheist Revolution.

Having a reference to a particular deity is obnoxious, and it certainly does violate state/church separation. If they are going to do this nonsense, why not "In Allah We Trust" or "In Xenu We Trust" for that matter?

Mixing religion with government is divisive. How many more religious wars are we going to have before people realize that church and state must be kept completely separate?


McCain, Obama, CNN and Osama bin Warren's House of Hate

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 17, 2008 6 comments

As a gay man, I am deeply offended that two major presidential candidates appeared at a forum held at a militant, fundamentalist indoctrination center like the Saddleback Church, deep behind the Orange Curtain in California. Pandering to a hate-monger like Osama bin Warren is disgraceful and sends a message of disrespect to queer voters. It also sends a message of disrespect to women and atheists. CNN should be ashamed of its decision to give up prime time hours to this illegitimate and unAmerican event.

Tell CNN Not to Broadcast This Event

There also are important state/church separation issues at stake.

From Americans United for Separation of Church press release 8/15/08:

Voters Have Heard Enough About The Presidential Candidates And Religion, Says Americans United

Watchdog Group Criticizes Saturday Forum On Faith At Saddleback Church

Voters have heard quite enough about the religious views of Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama and don’t need another forum on the presidential candidates and faith, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The church-state watchdog group criticized both candidates’ decision to take part in the Rev. Rick Warren’s “Saddleback Civil Forum” this Saturday at his mega-church in Lake Forest, Calif. McCain and Obama will each submit to hour-long questioning by the church pastor.

“Campaign 2008 is starting to feel like a Sunday school Bible drill,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “We’re electing a president, not a national pastor. I don’t see what good it will do for the American people to again hear the candidates spout pious platitudes about their favorite Bible verses or how devout they are.

“Candidates should appeal to the voters based on their qualifications for office and their stands on the issues, not their religious beliefs,” Lynn said. “This event continues the campaign spiral into religious matters. Americans want to hear the candidates’ views on important issues such as constitutional rights, public education, the Iraq War and the economy.”

Warren, pastor of a 22,000-member evangelical congregation and a best-selling author, has been involved in national politics before. In 2004, he endorsed George W. Bush, saying Bush’s outlook on a series of “non-negotiable” social issues was preferable. This year, Warren claims to have expanded his outlook to include issues like the environment and care of the poor.

The Saddleback event is one of only four events where the two candidates are scheduled to be on the same platform at the same time.

“Why should one of these important events be orchestrated entirely by only one pastor who comes out of one narrow segment of our diverse country?” Lynn asked.


My last post was on the scandal of Manhunt, a gay pickup site, being co owned by a Republican bigot. On Towelroad, I read an intesting analysis in the comments. It goes to show that comments sometimes are more important to read than the actual postings.

This analysis was by a poster identifying himself as IKO. (Scroll down a ways to see it or do a Find for the text "IKO.")

Step 1: Set up a hook-up site.
Step 2: Support a candidate that wants to oppress gays and give companies less taxes.
Step 3: Watch as candidate drives gay community underground.
Step 4: Watch as gay community goes to hook-up site out of desperation.
Step 5: Profit!

It really is chilling, isn't it?


Hat tip to Coffee House Studio.

From the Boston Herald 8/16/08:

A simple $2,300 donation to presumptive Republican nominee John McCain from a founder of a local gay hookup Web site has gays and politicos alike recoiling from the eyebrow-raising alliance.

Jonathan Crutchley, co-creator of the Cambridge-based Manhunt.net, stepped down as chairman of the company yesterday after a whirlwind of events that began with his maximum allowable donation to McCain.

“Politically, it was just off-base, with the whole feeling over here at Manhunt,” said site co-creator Larry Basile yesterday, pointing out McCain’s views against adoption by gay couples and same-sex marriage.

“Boy, was I embarrassed when I found out he gave $2,300,” said Basile, who asked Crutchley to step down after several patrons of the gay hookup site cancelled their subscriptions.

"Keating Five" McCain is returning the money, prompting Crutchley to say that he is giving the money to Obama instead.

It gets worse.

StopManhunt.net points out that Crutchley is a Republican and still an owner of Manhunt.
My feeling is that as long as founder and now ex-chairman Crutchley is making money from Gay men and then turning it over to people who would like to strip us of our rights, use us as wedge issues in elections, spread misinformation about us, call us an abomination, prevent us from adopting children and from legalizing our relationships, then I don't see how we can, as a community of gay men, support such a duplicitous and heinous man: he remains a co-owner of the site and therefore our money will still flow into the Republican and Right Wing coffers.

It's not like Jonathan Crutchley's support for a homophobic, neo-Nazi gang (the GOP) was a secret. Manhunt and it's management knew that a portion of the profits of the company would go to promote discrimination and violence against gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people, yet Manhunt falsely promoted itself as a pro-gay company. This is misrepresentation and a horrible breach of trust.

Businesses that make money off of the queer community have a moral obligation to support us. They certainly should be held accountable when they oppress us.

It's time for guys to cancel their memberships and delete their profiles. Who can trust a company like Manhunt that has deceived and betrayed us so blatantly? (One note, it seems like you have to contact Customer Service to get a profile deleted. There was no menu option for it anywhere on the site.)


Corporations use all sorts of dirty tactics to prevent unions from starting in their workplaces. One of them is to fire employees involved in union organizing. Having to pay backpay for an underpaid employee is a small risk compared to the reward of blocking a union, from the perspective of a corrupt corporation.

Firing is only the most dramatic tactic used by employers to intimidate employees. Workplace intimidation is the single biggest cause of the incredibly low unionization rate in America. Wal-Mart is one of the most notorious corporations when it comes to intimidating employees.

The SEIU is joining other labor and human rights organizations in supporting the Employee Free Choice act, which works around corporate abuse of employees who are considering unions. From their Action Alert:

Tens of thousands of workers in America are fired every year for trying to exercise their freedom to form a union. When some workers are denied a voice on the job it violates the American ideal of fairness and equality. And it prevents them from being able to share in the prosperity they have done so much to create.

There’s a bill right now in Congress that would make sure all workers get a fair chance at achieving the American Dream.

The Employee Free Choice Act Will:

* Create a fair playing field that allows all workers the freedom to form unions. With more workers uniting for a voice on the job, we can build our strength to win higher wages for all workers, healthcare for all, and protect our retirement.

* Prevent corporations from illegally firing workers who try to form unions.

* Give workers the same freedoms to negotiate their contracts that CEOs already have.

The mechanism used for union recognition in this legislation involves signing cards, rather than having a ballot all at once. This might not seem important, but having a single ballot on whether or not to have union representation has given corporations a terrible opportunity to use workplace intimidation in order to stop people from exercising their rights to join unions. Signing cards lets each worker make the decision on her/his own, without giving the employer the opportunity to even know who to intimidate until it's too late.

Contact Your Representatives

The stakes are so high that Wal-Mart has been holding intimidation meetings with employees. The goal of those meetings is to pressure employees to vote Republican, since Democrats are more inclined to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act.


I remember listening to Talk Back on WBAI a while back, and a caller had an excellent point on immigration. On a cold winter's day, he joked that a Jamaican like him certainly didn't come to New York for the weather. He left his homeland because of a lack of economic opportunity.

So much of the rhetoric on illegal immigration focuses on what pulls immigrants to the United States (jobs, more freedom, etc.). Little attention is paid to the factors that pressure people to risk their lives to illegally immigrate to the US. Policies which reduce those pressures would do more to reduce the levels of illegal immigration in this country than expanding failed approaches that focus on punishing desperate immigrants. Those policies are liberal ones.

Globalist trade policies are devastating the poor majority in Haiti. Raj Patel on Democracy Now! 7/31/08

And Haiti actually stands for a number of other countries in the Western Hemisphere, in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Asia, that have been forced to liberalize their economies and are now hostage to the international price rises. And in Haiti, the consequences were that the government was not allowed to support its rice producers. It wasn’t allowed to invest in agriculture. So, in the 1980s, Haiti produced the majority of its own rice, and now in Haiti almost all the rice comes from the United States. And that’s the sort of singular consequence of the intersection between free trade and—or so-called free trade and development policy in developing countries.

Trade policies which have destroyed Haitian agriculture, caused malnutrition, and impoverished Haitians have forced many people to go to the US illegally. The only alternative for many immigrants from that nation is starvation for themselves and their families. Yet, corporate media ignore the role of corporate controlled trade policies.

There also is a structural problem resulting from earlier events in Haitian history which contributes tremendously to the constant state of economic crisis in Haiti. In 1825, Haiti was forced to pay 90 million Francs to France to compensate that country for the slaves that the French would no longer own. In order to get its independence, Haiti had to pay the equivalent of over $20 billion today. Today's government spending in Haiti is currently under $250 million per year.

Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now! pointed out in 2004 that "Haiti spent most of the 19th century paying off the reparations to France." That has kept the country from building wealth and created a cycle of debt that has kept Haiti economically hobbled.

If France would pay Haiti back for its reprehensible 19th century windfall, that would go a long way to giving Haiti a chance to repair the damage done to its economy.

Efforts by the elected government of Haiti to get justice from France and the general desire of the Bush regime to meddle in other countries' affairs led to a Franco American coup in 2004. Subsequent Haitians governments have kept quiet on the subject.

The coup illustrates an important point. People on the right often blame poverty in other nations on the policies of the governments there. This claim ignores how often rich countries intervene to prevent poor countries from acting in their national interests.

Haiti also has had food riots this year, which have led to political instability.
The problem of skyrocketing food costs is hardly Haiti's alone, and the causes are mainly found in the policies of the Bush regime and a Congress too willing to act as a rubberstamp.

One of the biggest sources of food inflation is the much higher cost of petroleum. The main factor in increasing oil prices is instability due to the Bush regime's Iraqtastrophe and its threats against two other major oil producers, Iran and Venezuela. Oil prices have fallen somewhat, but nowhere near as far as they were a year ago. This is primarily due to a toning down of rhetoric by the Bush people during the election year and the Iraqi government's very public lobbying for a timetable for withdrawal of foreign troops form their country. Much of the corporate media's coverage has focuses on nameless faceless speculators as the cause of high oil and gas prices, but such coverage has ignored the geopolitical factors that are causing such rampant speculation in the first place. The spotlight is on symptoms, not root causes.

Another source of food instability for Haiti is the US push for biofuels. Biofuels are being sold as a cure all for energy independence and global warming. Much of the critique of biofuels has focuses on clearing land to produce such fuels. Even when biofuels come US corn repurposed from food to ethanol, biofuels don't do much to help fight climate change. Our methods of agriculture use a lot of CO2 emitting energy in order to produce the required fertilizer and pesticides.

Regardless of the effects of biofuels on the atmosphere, the increased demand for corn certainly is squeezing out food supplies for people in poor countries. Haiti, like so much of the world, suffers terribly from irresponsible policy decisions in Washington.

If you haven't learned about the effects of US policies on Haiti and Haitian immigration from corporate media outlets, you should consider the benefits to corporate interests in keeping you ill informed on the subject. Desperately poor Haitians are willing to work at very low wages, both in Haiti and in America. That means higher profits for corporations that exploit them.

We are constantly brainwashed to hit down at people whose only offense is being placed in a position to where they are forced to move to the US. We should be hitting up at the wealthy and corporate interests that are making Haitians miserable while ripping Americans off.

Instead of ranting and raving about illegal aliens like Lou Dobbs does, it would make much more sense to call for the World Trade Organization to be abolished and for countries like Haiti to have the opportunity to set rational trade policies in their own national interests. France should be pressured to pay up for what it owes Haiti. We need to redouble our efforts to call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and for an end to Bush-regime bullying of oil producing nations. Federal subsidies for biofuels should be abolished, and the money should be used for additional support to genuinely renewable energy sources (e.g., solar, geothermal, wind power) and to expand public transportation.

People should be migrating to the United States only because they really want to. It is the job of liberals to imagine and support policies that can actually make that come true.


My Ratings of Potential Democratic VP Choices

Posted by libhom Wednesday, August 13, 2008 10 comments

Unless otherwise stated, the following people have been mentioned in the corporate media as potential VP picks for Obama. I thought I would throw in my .02 Euros (worth more than 2 cents) on the subject.

The Good:

Kathleen Sebelius
Janet Napolitano
Claire McCaskill
Bill Bradley

Sebelius and Napolitano are popular Democratic governors in states that usually go Republican. They also aren't part of the Washington dysfunction that has practically put a "For Sale" sign on our federal government. Claire McCaskill would be an interesting choice, though the Democrats would have a tough time holding onto her seat in a battleground state like Missouri.

There are strong arguments for having a woman as the VP choice. The lack of a woman president or vice president is a historical injustice that our country needs to address.

Bradley is included despite having taken himself out of the running because of his credibility and enormous integrity. I still cringe when I think of how Barney Frank attacked him for being more lgbt supportive than Gore in 2000.

Dennis Kucinich and Barbara Boxer don't get any corporate VP nods, but either would make an excellent vice president. They would be awesome presidents too.

The OK:

Jack Reed

Reed is a fairly liberal Senator and voted against the war. However, he has been in Washington since 1991. That's just too long.

The Bad:

Wesley Clark
James Webb
Tim Kaine
Bill Richardson

Former Generals like Clark should not be presidents and don't get to be in fully functioning democracies. Webb was overrated during the campaign and has been a disappointment in the Senate on Iraq and on other issues. Webb's status as a former Reagan administration official should automatically disqualify him. Kaine is an obscure politician from Virginia, a state with extremely conservative and dysfunctional politics.

Richardson would be a good choice except for one incredibly disturbing fact. Richardson is a gun nut who brags about his support from the terrorist organization, the National Rifle Association (NRA).

``I'm the only Democratic candidate [for president] who's been given an `A' rating by the NRA, Richardson told officers of a pipefitters and plumbers union here. ``I'm a sportsman, like you,'' he added.

That's a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned. I have been robbed at gunpoint three times, and I'm not about to let opponents of gun control get a free pass for their personal responsibility for what happened to me and way too many other crime victims.

The Ugly (a.k.a.):

Hillary Clinton
Chuck Hagel
Chet Edwards
Evan Bayh
Joe Biden
Sam Nunn

All of these politicians are rightist Republicans in deed. Hagel is even one in terms of voter registration. If any of these scumbags is the nominee, I will have no choice but to vote Green. It should be noted that Nunn is one of the most reprehensible homophobes in the history of the US Senate, only surpassed by Jesse Helms.

I will never vote for any Republican, but I am open to voting for Greens. A vote for any of these politicians is a vote for endless war, limitless corruption, and horrendous bigotry.


From today's Boston Globe:

"The implications of Russian actions go beyond their threat to the territorial integrity and independence of a democratic Georgia. Russia is using violence against Georgia, in part, to intimidate other neighbors – such as Ukraine – for choosing to associate with the West and adhering to Western political and economic values. As such, the fate of Georgia should be of grave concern to Americans and all people who welcomed the end of a divided of Europe, and the independence of former Soviet republics. The international response to this crisis will determine how Russia manages its relationships with other neighbors," McCain said.

"Our united purpose should be to persuade the Russian government to cease its attacks, withdraw its troops, and enter into negotiations with Georgia. We must remind Russia’s leaders that the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require their respect for the values, stability and peace of that world. World history is often made in remote, obscure countries. It is being made in Georgia today. It is the responsibility of the leading nations of the world to ensure that history continues to be a record of humanity’s progress toward respecting the values and security of free people."

This may sound tough to domestic political audiences, but it is a cruel joke being played on the Georgian people who are under attack by a resurgent Russian Empire that is moving towards the direction of the Czarist Russia of old. What can the US really do about this?

The Iraqtastrophe has left our military demoralized and overextended. Our economy is a joke. What leverage can we use on Russia? Is "Keating Five" McCain going to defeat Russia by yelling "Get off of my lawn."?

If John McCain were less corrupt and more honest, he would have opposed the war on Iraq from the beginning. It was an act of aggression not that different than Russia's invasion of Georgia. Yes folks, it turns out that Georgia has a strategic oil pipeline from Central Asia to European countries which the Russians are bombing.

As bad as the precedent set may be, the Iraqtastrophe's biggest effect on making McCain's bluster irrelevant is to weaken the US to the point that Russia really doesn't have to listen to us. If McCain had started working to stop the disastrous war in Iraq instead of successfully pushing to expand US troops and expenditures, the US might actually have some leverage. If McCain really were a "maverick" instead of being a politician bought by corporate interests, Putin wouldn't be laughing at him right now.


How Would You Like to Lose Your Home to the Olympics?

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 10, 2008 8 comments

Over 1.5 million people in Beijing have lost their homes due to the Olympics and other beautification projects. Here are some facts about the Olympics from the Indypendent.

1.5 million:
Estimated number of people to have been relocated from their homes in Beijing in the last eight years to make room for Olympic facilities and “beautification” projects. (“One World, Whose Dream? Housing Rights Violations and the Beijing Olympic Games,” cohre.org)

Number of surveillance cameras, some with microphones, that have been installed througout Beijing. Capable of filming passers-by and recording conversations, they are designed to help the authorities identify suspicious behavior and locate suspects. (rsf.org)

Approximate number of journalists and technicians at the Olympics who will face Internet censorship when reporting from China. Websites considered “politically sensitive” will be blocked. Reporters Without Borders has issued a guide on how to use proxy servers to navigate around China’s censorship (rsf.org)

Number of U.S. companies — IBM, Honeywell and General Electric — who have been exposed supplying integrated surveilliance systems to China. Three U.S. cities — New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. — are experimenting with similar technology. (“China’s All-Seeing Eye.” By Naomi Klein, Rolling Stone)

$58-78 million:
Estimated amount the 12 global partner Olympic sponsors have paid for a four-year deal. These include Coca-cola, Visa, McDonalds, General Electric and Johnson & Johnson. (guardian.co.uk)

The Beijing Olympics get more and more disturbing as you learn more about them.


Let's start with Riverwolf at IDiosyntocracy. Here is a listing of his blog postings on his personal boycott of the Blood Olympics.

Riverwolf's Boycott Diary

These postings not only show Riverwolf's concern about the issues involving the boycott of the smoggy games in Beijing, but they also serve as a teaching tool. His travails show how difficult it is for us to avoid buying Chinese products, an indictment of corporate betrayals of America, losses of US jobs to low wage labor in China, and the damage done to consumer choice by corrupt trade deals.

Coffee House Studio has a variety of posts which focus on the why of the boycott. Unlike some boycott advocates, he doesn't forget China's role in the violence in Zimbabwe.

It makes my pink heart proud that two queer bloggers have focused so much attention on such an important issue.

They put my one posting on why I'm boycotting the Olympics to shame. I would, however, like to make two quick points about the boycott.

Human rights are more important than spectator sports.

Boycotting the Blood Olympics is an important aspect of American liberals and progressives reacquainting themselves with the concept of solidarity.

Here are some other liberals and progressive bloggers who are boycotting the smoggiest Olympics on record.

Dave Chandler's Earthside.com

Resistance Studies

Constant Scholars


I would also like to congratulate Britain's Liberal Democratic Party leader for calling on their Prime Minister Gordon Brown to boycott the closing ceremonies.

But Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has written to Mr Brown demanding that he boycott the event in protest at China's human rights record.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, he said China had promised to promote democracy and human rights if it was allowed to host the games.

Mr Clegg said: "It is now clear to me that China has made no progress on those promises. Indeed, the restrictions placed on journalists, the ongoing crackdown in Tibet and the treatment of individual Chinese protesters has worsened."

He added: "I therefore urge you not to attend the closing ceremony of the Beijing Games, or indeed any other ceremonies associated with them.
"Given China's utter failure to deliver on its human rights promises, it is simply untenable for any representative of the United Kingdom to give political endorsement to these Games."

The media frenzy on Edwards' affair is bizarre and irrational. Here are more important things that the media might focus on instead.

Cindy Sheehan Made It Onto the Ballot

Tibetans in India, Nepal protest "blood" Olympics

Russia attacks Georgian city, peace efforts stepped up

Climate change: Prepare for global temperature rise of 4C, warns top scientist

Anthrax investigation not over

Prominent Myanmar human rights activist arrested

Calif. Senate OKs Harvey Milk Day

U.S. Attorney Scandal Probe Enters White House Circle

Our sexually repressed society can be so pathetic sometimes. So many people in the media and their audiences really, really need to get laid.

I should also point out that the corporate media are far more interested in the sexual exploits of Democrats than Republicans.


Cindy Sheehan in front of the White House making a peace sign

Hat tip to From the Left for bringing me the great news.

Cindy Sheehan made it onto the ballot.

The fact that Sheehan needed over 10,000 valid signatures is an example of corrupt ballot access laws that limit the number of independent and third party candidates while wasting their time and resources. There really should be a successful constitutional challenge against these repressive and undemocratic laws.

I have trouble expressing how happy I am that Cindy Sheehan is on the ballot.


It may be a little while since the Clinton campaign threatened to steal the nomination with a superdelegate scam, but the issue of the whole superdelegate system should not be forgotten. Even now, some fanatical Clinton supporters are still trying to steal the nomination.

The ethical arguments for abolishing the superdelegates are independent of any particular election. Letting party insiders steal a presidential nomination is a dangerous attack on democracy. The verdict of grassroots Democrats should be accepted, not mocked in this fashion.

Also, there are important practical considerations. Insulting Democratic voters is not a good way to motivate political support in the general election. Also, the divisiveness resulting from keeping nominations from being settled until the last possible minute is terrible for the party now and could return the Democratic Party to minority party status later.

It's easier to try to forget the ugly Democratic primary campaign, but the need to reform the system should take precedence over the discomfort.


Brave New Films did a great video on their Fox Attacks website showing the differences between Falafel Man's (scroll to bottom) advice for kids and his own behavior.

BTW: Bill O'Reilly's alleged falafel fetish now has a name


Even Pelosi's methods remind one of Bush:

There also were protesters calling for impeachment, but it's not like she is going to suddenly take the Constitution seriously.

The hat tip goes to Nancy Pelosi's Table.


Connecting the Iraq War with Our Economic Crises

Posted by libhom Tuesday, August 05, 2008 3 comments

It's the War Economy Stupid United for Peace and Justice is selling this stickers, which make a terribly important point.

CNN calls the economy the #1 issue, but disconnects the economy from the Iraqtastrophe that is sabotaging it. Other corporate media outlets take a similarly surreal approach to coverage of our crapped out economy. With weapons manufacturers and Big Oil as major advertisers, I can't say I'm shocked.

United for Peace and Justice has a store on their website which promotes products that say F it to the war.

Check the store out.

This isn't exactly a traditional hat tip, but this posting is inspired by Pagan Sphinx's "Don't Attack Iran" graphic.


What About More Recent Sex Abuse by Priests?

Posted by libhom Monday, August 04, 2008 1 comments

There is yet another story about allegations of sexual abuse by a priest, this time leveled against a prominent Manhattan cleric. There was a paragraph in the NY1 story which was all too familiar.

The matter was handed over to the Manhattan district attorney's office. The D.A.'s office said that the original accusation, along with another it uncovered, are both outside the statue of limitations for sex abuse. As a result, the pastor will not be charged.

Why is it that almost all of the allegations we read about are involving events that happened so long ago the priests can not be prosecuted? Should we seriously entertain the notion that priests stopped raping kids a years ago?

Or, does this suggest that the Catholic Church is exerting a lot of pressure to keep the focus on the distant past?


Laughing at John Podhoretz

Posted by libhom Sunday, August 03, 2008 2 comments

In case you haven't heard of him, John Podhoretz is a wingnut who works for the fascist propaganda rag, Commentary. His latest bit of silliness is to try to start a pissing contest with Time Magazine's Joe Klein, a conservative commentator who just isn't willing to be crazy enough to satisfy the neocons. (Note: "neocon" is really just a euphemism for "fascist.")

Podhoretz is one for wild flurries of rhetoric as was the case recently on his blog:

It is the view of Time magazine’s leading political columnist, and a former friendly acquaintance of mine, that bloggers on this site are more dangerous and threatening to the future of the world than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Our intention in highlighting the words spoken by Iran’s president, he says, is to scare his parents in Florida and thereby achieve our vicious foreign policy aims. And he does not wish to accuse us of dual loyalty, but, darn it, he just can’t help himself, as he does it three times.

Klein defends himself from this nuttiness here.

However, connoisseurs of unintentional humor can have a field day with what Pohhoretz says without Klein's help. Pohhoretz's rant certainly is an overly dramatic reading of what Klein actually says. You would think that Klein is out to get Israel, something the extreme right always claims when anyone, including Jewish people like Klein, question the dangerous and foolish policies of the far right government in that country.

The underlying assumption is really funny too. We all are supposed to be obligated to believe that the policies of the right in Israel must be flawless. Never mind the fact that the right's policies here in the US have been ruinous for our country.

Pohhoretz's dramatic passage also is silly because it insists that Ahmadinejad is a threat "to the future of the world," a claim that sounds like it is out of a bad 50s scifi movie. In the real world, Ahmadinejad is not much of a threat to anyone for the simple reason that he isn't in charge of Iran. The Supreme Leader, not the President calls the shots in that country.

Just because we have a powerful president here in the US does not mean we should assume things work that way everywhere. In most countries, presidents are largely figureheads. In Iran, presidents have some administrative powers, especially on domestic issues. However, the notion that an Iranian president would have the power to decide whether or not that country goes to war is laughable.

How can a magazine like Commentary hope to be taken seriously by anyone but dittoheads when their writers show such incredible ignorance on the most important foreign policy issues of the day? You have to wonder what's next. Will they claim that Andorra has weapons of mass destruction, and we need to start bombing immediately?

The only thing about this that isn't funny is that the writers at Commentary have had some access to the Bush regime because their rhetoric provides a cover for the corporate interests and Christian religious extremism that drives the Mideast policy of the crooks who illegally occupy the executive branch.


I Finally Got Around to Cuiling My Blog

Posted by libhom Friday, August 01, 2008 4 comments

Reading the item in Blabbeando where the author Cuiled himself, it reminded me that I should Cuil this blog. Cuil.com is a search engine that has been panned for low quality results, but which could improve since it is in its infancy, and it is run by former Google employees.

I didn't find this blog in the first 17 pages of results for the query "godless liberal homo" (without quotes). It showed up as the number one result in Google, which makes sense because I doubt anyone else would give a website a name like Godless Liberal Homo.


I did find some listings of blogs that link to mine while going through pages Cuil search results:



Google Directory (I didn't know such a thing existed.)

Queer Filter (already knew about this one)

Maybe you will find the above listings useful in seeing how your blog is listed online. I also found a redirect to my blog on a page on www.proxy4myspace.org. Apparently, somebody wants to look at my blog at work or school where it is blocked.

A site was listed numerous times that supposedly mentioned my blog but did not. It was not clear whether it was an out of date item in Cuil's database, a spam blog, or something else.

I had done some previous testing of Cuil's results for work, and the results were as follows. For very general searches on subjects where I had little knowledge, Cuil had more useful search results than Google, largely due to a more user friendly and informative interface. But, when you try to search for specific sites or technical information, Cuil is pretty much useless.

Hope this helps you with your blogs.



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