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Chile's Next President Will Be an Atheist

Posted by libhom Sunday, January 15, 2006

The election victory of Michelle Bachelet is getting a lot of deserved attention because she will be Chile's first woman president. The ability of Chilean socialists to hold that nation's presidency is being interpreted as part of the overwhelming popularity of the left in South America these days.

However, something very important to freethinkers often is ignored. Bachelet is an atheist.

During the campaign, she was famous for saying, "I am a divorced woman, an atheist and a socialist; and I will be the next president of Chile.” Dan Quayle would be even more upset to learn that she is a single mother.

I wonder how long it will take before America elects our first woman president. How much longer will it be before we elect of first openly gay and openly atheist presidents? Social progress in the US is lagging because of the obvious problem of the Religious Right.

One has to wonder. Will Americans have to turn to socialism in order to gain basic political progress that should be supported by everyone, regardless of their views on economics?

1 Responses to Chile's Next President Will Be an Atheist

  1. hey-
    i hope you get this.
    i'm a homo athiest. what a fuckin minority, jeez. it was nice to come across your blog on a web search. i'm also a vegan. cause i've figured that out too.
    i work at an seventh day adventist store, the cool thing being they are at least vegetarian. but i really feel odd working there for obvious reasons. do you think there's a homo athiest group offering employment? i grow wheatgrass and sprouts as part of my job... no this isn't a joke, i know it sounds weird though. i've had three vegan beers, maybe now it sounds a little less strange. keep in touch!



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