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Shalit Makes a Fool Out of Himself

Posted by libhom Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Today Show's Gene Shalit showed tremendous immaturity and homophobia in his 1/5/06 review of Brokeback Mountain. Shalit refers to one of the characters as a "sexual predator," because he goes after the man he loves. If a leading man was pursuing the woman he loves, he wouldn't be referred to as a "sexual predator." This double-standard completely discredits Shalit and his review.

Also, Shalit's nervous, smirking style during the review is what one would expect in a video podcast from a junior high school student. If Shalit is too immature to review movies involving same-sex love, then those movies should be assigned to a mature adult.

GLAAD has video of the embarrassing review on its web site.



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