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Is Chafee Really Moderate and Pro-Choice?

Posted by libhom Sunday, January 29, 2006

Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island generally has marketed himself as a moderate, pro-choice Republican. Yet, his voting record on the Bush Administration's judicial appointees strongly contradicts the marketing. Chafee has voted for all of Bush's appointees, no matter who extreme and rabidly anti-choice those appointees might be.

The biggest test will come with the Alito Filibuster. If Chafee votes against the Alito Filibuster, it will prove that Chafee is a right-wing extremist dedicated to eliminating the right of women to choose on abortion. No amount of spin will fool informed voters and donors after this one.

Contact the Chafee Campaign and demand that he vote for the Alito Filibuster.

Phone: (401) 921-1920 Fax: (401) 921-1980 Email: info@chafeeforsenate.com


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. You don't really mean you stand for a right to choose do you.... If it was choice you were concerned about then you would be all for abortion companies to provide all of the information on abortion, a video showing what happens to the baby as it gets aborted, a book detailing how developed in the womb the baby is at the time of the abortion and an explanation of the probable pyschological impact the abortion would have on her afterwards. A mnother should have all the information available right so she can make a wise choice, don't you think?

    Oh by the way, If a lady who would like to have a baby is carrying a child for 6 months and is hit by a drunk driver and is killed and the baby is killed, should he be charged for one murder or two? How about the mother who is killed but her child is saved by docters at 4 months of age (This by the way has happened on more than one occasion). This baby that now lives only moments ago was legally a growth that could be removed, but now the dad comes in and says I want that child dead... What makes it now a human but minutes before a "growth", is it because their life is supported by the mother? If this is the case then is a baby born at full term but has complications and is put on mechanical life support still just a growth or now a child? How about an 87 year old man on life support, they could be killed then too right?

    So maybe it isn't life support of by the mother that makes it a human or a growth, is it because the child is part of the mother's body? Well in the accident scenario the baby is removed from the mother's womb and lives. Name another part of the mother that can live if she dies.... Well tyhen maybe it's that the baby is inside the mother. So then what you're trying to tell me is that the short distance of the birth canal is the whole key to this? Do yourself a favor and rethink the idea of abortion. There is no right given by a law, a constitution, or by God that gives that mother, the doctor, or anyone the RIGHT to kill that baby.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. The "information" that the Christian Taliban wants women considering abortions to see is biased and irresponsible propaganda. There certainly should not be legal mandates for that.

    The fact that you have to resort to calling opon a non-existant deity to justify your position shows how intellectually bankrupt it truly is.

    I would suggest you read the Bill of Rights and the Thirteenth Amendments of the Constitution. If you read the texts and interpret them honestly, there is no way that you can dispute the fact that the Consitution protect the right to choose on abortion.



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