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Congress Should Stop Considering War Funding

Posted by libhom Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Now that Bush has vetoed a war funding bill that would extend the Iraq carnage into 2008, Congress should stop trying to fund this war at all. Bush had his chance to further enrich his cronies, and he blew it. There is no reason to let Bush continue the war indefinitely.

Congress has wasted far too much time on trying to fund a war that was based on lies and is helping Al Qaeda recruit and train terrorists. The solution to the Iraq war is to cut off funding.

There are far too many other important issues, including impeachment, for our elected representatives to so much devote time and energy on pandering to Bush, Big Oil, Halliburton, the Christian Right, and other GOP cronies.


  1. betmo Says:
  2. true- but that never stopped them before. these folks have so many irons in the fire- and i have a feeling that this is new territory for them- the whole oversight thing. we have to keep making their decisions for them.

  3. Katharine Says:
  4. You're right, GLH. Money is the only thing that Bush understands.



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