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“Half of the Iraqi Security Forces Are Insurgents”

Posted by libhom Monday, May 28, 2007

This quote was from one of the interviews that the New York Times did for its article, "Doubts Grow as G.I.’s in Iraq Find Allies in Enemy Ranks.” One question immediately came to my mind when I read this quote:

Only half?

So many in our media and our political elite act as if it is so shocking that so many of the Iraqis our troops are being forced to train in Iraq are fighting against the occupation. Yet, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Just imagine that some foreign government toppled the Bush regime, and then occupied our country, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and stealing our resources. You can bet there would be a huge American insurgency, regardless of how unpopular Bush is. If that foreign power was idiotic enough to train Americans to act as a puppet “American Security Force,” you bet most of those Americans being trained would be using their training to fight off the foreign invaders.

One of the biggest flaws in the mentality of the pro-war ideologues is the inability to put themselves in the place of Iraqis. The refusal of war supporters to acknowledge the humanity of Iraqis because they are (overwhelmingly) Muslims and (mostly) Arabs is not only immoral, it makes them incapable of analyzing the military situation effectively.

1 Responses to “Half of the Iraqi Security Forces Are Insurgents”

  1. Matt Janovic Says:
  2. Very good point--how could half of them be with "us"? I doubt 20% of them are "with" us, just the ARVN in South Vietnam, most just deserted or fought us.



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